英语分词的用法总结_Usage Summary of participle 2篇

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英语分词的用法总结_Usage Summary of participle 2篇

关于”分词的用法总结“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Usage Summary of participle。以下是关于分词的用法总结的托福英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Usage Summary of participle

About feeton foot AB: a what are the reasons for escaping from blue collar jobs B what are the reasons for escaping from blue collar jobs? ② A I work for my company B I work for my company a we need a capable person to help us in times of difficulty B we need a capable person to help us in economic development, our country has done well, our country has done well ‰ ⑤ a few people are willing to make friends with hypocrites A few people are willing to make friends with hypocrites. Let's discuss this in detail. A rich woman is a jeweler from head to toe.

B a rich woman is a jeweler from head to toe. A whether it is good or bad, we should try our best to get along well with our colleagues. ⑨ A public relations officer doesn't talk much, and the worst thing is, she doesn't like to mix with people; B public relations officer doesn't say anything worse, she hates mixing with people.

In foreign countries, if there isn't a holiday, students will free the most tense knowledge of history from their study. You can't go there if you haven't finished your homework tonight. A student should spend time studying instead of doing it Students should take time to study, not participate in destructive activities.


关于feeton foot ab): ①a什么是逃避蓝领工作的原因 b逃避蓝领工作的原因是什么?②a我代表我的公司工作 b我代表我的公司工作 a我们需要一个有能力的人在困难时帮助我们 b我们需要一个有能力的人来帮助我们在经济发展方面,我们国家做得很好,我们国家做得很好‰⑤少数人愿意与伪君子交朋友 b少数人愿意与伪君子交朋友 ⑥a让我们详细讨论一下这个问题 ⑦a有钱女人从头到脚都是珠宝商…b有钱女人从头到脚都是珠宝商 ⑧a不管是好是坏,我们都要努力和同事们相处好,不管怎样,我们都要努力和同事们相处。⑨a公关官不怎么说话,最糟糕的是,她不喜欢和人混在一起;b公关官没说什么更糟的,她讨厌和人混在一起在国外,如果没有一个假期,学生们会把最紧张的历史知识从学习中解脱出来今晚你还没完成作业你就不可能去了你还没完成作业a学生应该花时间学习而不是参与破坏性活动b学生应该花时间学习而不是参与破坏性活动破坏性活动。


Computers have become very important in many fields of work and entertainment. There is no doubt that computers are very useful in space technology and commerce. Computers help astronauts and pilots control the speed and direction of spacecraft flight with the help of computers.

Doctors can easily find diseases and solve other problems, such as minor problems in factories and human bodies The computer makes people's heart beat faster. The robot controlled by computer can do harmful work to human beings. Computers are also used in business activities and can cancel orders, making the workplace safer and better.

The emergence of the Internet has changed people's life at home. More and more people have personal computers. They use them to play games and watch movies.

People can shop and do business at home, instead of writing letters on paper. People communicate through e-mail and online chat. The whole world is networked.

Computers make the world smaller, just like "country". Computers improve Our life, but also brings problems, for example, if we work on the computer for too long, we may have a headache or sore eyes. If we play computer games too much, we will not be able to learn well and get enough exercise.

Although computers help us work and at home, we must use them correctly.




I am so happy today because I have RMB. My grandfather gave me RMB. I must try to save it for university use.

Don't waste it. But I think I will allow myself to buy a new dress with part of it tomorrow, and then I will deposit the rest in the bank.



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