关于交通的英语作文_traffic 4篇

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关于交通的英语作文_traffic 4篇



At present, traffic congestion has become the biggest complaint source in many big cities, because it has seriously affected people's daily life and economic development. This problem has been highly valued by the government, and many experts have been invited for consultation. Some people have put forward many solutions.

The advantages of building more streets and roads are obvious: it can reduce the traffic density, thus speeding up the public transportation However, no matter what scale of roads and highways are provided, the traffic flow will continue to rise. In a city with booming industries, land is precious and cannot be overused for transportation. Others believe that the number of bicycles and cars should be limited, and more bus lines should be opened up, because buses can accommodate more passengers, However, the decrease in the number of bicycles and cars may cause another series of new problems, such as inconvenience to people.

Since neither of these two suggestions can effectively solve the problem of traffic congestion, there is a growing awareness that these two solutions can be combined with other possible solutions to produce the best results.




At present, China's urban traffic is increasingly crowded, the road is full of cars, bicycles and pedestrians, traffic jams, bus delays and traffic accidents are a common phenomenon. How to solve this problem, some people suggest to pave more roads to reduce the traffic congestion and speed up the traffic flow. I believe that we should open up more bus lines and let more people travel by bus instead of cars and bicycles.

Although these two views sound reasonable, they also have their own disadvantages. They may occupy a lot of land and can be used as farms and houses The latter may cause inconvenience to those who are used to driving or cycling. I think the best way to solve the traffic problem is to combine the two roads to accommodate more traffic and increase the number of public bus routes that can be opened to people who like to use public transport.




Traffic safety is everyone's business record. Every year, many people die in traffic accidents. Some accidents are caused by mechanical failures, but most of them are caused by careless and reckless driving.

Moreover, many people can avoid ignoring traffic signals and rules. They drive regardless of speed limit, run red lights, drive in the wrong direction, talk and laugh while driving Many people violate traffic rules. We can't emphasize the importance of traffic safety too much.

Only when everyone thinks that traffic safety is everyone's business, can we drive safely on the road and walk on the sidewalk.



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