介绍我的大学英语作文_Introduce me 4篇

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介绍我的大学英语作文_Introduce me 4篇

关于”介绍我“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Introduce me。以下是关于介绍我的专业英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduce me

Good morning, my name is XX. I'm very honored to have this interview opportunity. I'd like to answer any questions you may have.

I hope I can perform well today and finally be admitted to this famous university in September. Now I will briefly introduce myself. I am XX years old, born in XX Province, and now a senior student of XX University in Beijing.

After graduation in June this year, I will get a bachelor's degree. In the past few years, I spent most of my time studying. I easily passed the CET4 / 6 examination and mastered the basic knowledge of packaging publishing in theory and practice.

I participated in several packaging exhibitions held in Beijing, which is our advantage in learning here. I participated in some large factories and companies, through which I learned from the domestic packaging industry and developed countries such as the United States Compared with home, I have a profound understanding. Unfortunately, although our packaging industry is still underdeveloped, chaotic and unstable, we have made extraordinary progress, and the situation of employees in this field is very bad, but I am confident in the bright future.

As long as our economy can maintain the growth rate, I think you may be interested in the legal reasons. During my postgraduate study period I would like to tell you that pursuing law is one of my lifelong goals. I like my professional packaging and I will not give up.

If I can study for a master's degree here, I will combine law with my previous education. On the basis of my many years of study, I will work hard in the fields of patent, trademark, copyright and so on Personality, but I know that I am optimistic and confident. Sometimes I prefer to be alone, read books and listen to music, but I am not lonely.

I like to chat with my classmates. I can say almost anything. My favorite pastime is playing baseball, playing cards or surfing the Internet in college life.

By the way, I have learned how to balance learning and entertainment. I am our magic drama I have some glorious memories on stage, which is my pride.




Seeing the title, many stories about my mother came to my mind. My mother is 40 years old and works as an ordinary office worker in a company. She was the first teacher in my life and one of my best friends when I was young.

My mother was always with me and taught me how to walk and say hello to others step by step. My mother was kind and easy to get along with her. I can't forget the nights when my mother sat by my bed reading me stories.

It's these stories that make me understand how to be a good mother. She likes to watch TV while weaving, and she is also interested in climbing mountains. My family will rest on the mountains on weekends.

She likes sports, so she stays at home all day to watch the Olympic Games. In my memory, grapes are her favorite fruit. She often tells us that grapes are rich in nutrition.

I want to say too much But I think the best way to express my love is to love her forever.





My writing goal: ???? you are willing to introduce yourself to us, and other readers can also write to us ԡ (step by step): (answer these questions) ԡ what's your name ԡ do you have a nickname ???? do you have a nickname ԡ ???? ???? where do you come from ԡ what do you like you are willing to introduce yourself to us, and other readers can also write to us ԡԡ (step by step): (answer these questions) what's your name ԡ do you have a nickname do you have a nickname ԡ ԡ (step by step): (answer these questions) what's your name? Interesting nickname is little apple. I'm from Hebei Province, China I like to play with my friends I'm good at playing chess. I'm better at playing chess than my father (step two): (put these questions into an article for example): my name is Jingjing.

I have an interesting nickname: little apple. I'm my year old I'm from Hebei Province, China. I like playing chess with my friends.

I'm good at playing chess. I'm better than my father. My name is Jingjing.

I'm a lovely girl. My classmates call me little apple because my face is always red. I don't hate this nickname.

I'm from Hebei Province. China is not far from Beijing. I like to talk with my friends I'm good at chess together.

I'm better at chess than my father.


我的写作目标: 您愿意向我们介绍自己,其他读者也可以写信给我们 (一步一步):(回答这些问题) 你叫什么名字 你有昵称吗 你从哪里来 你喜欢什么 (一步一步):(回答这些问题) 你叫什么有趣的昵称是小苹果,我今年岁,河北人,中国 我喜欢和我的朋友们一起玩 我很擅长下棋我比我父亲更擅长下棋 (第二步):(把这些问题放进一篇文章里举例): 我叫晶晶我有一个很有趣的昵称是小苹果我今年岁我来自河北省,中国我喜欢和我的朋友们一起下棋我很擅长下棋我比我父亲好 (第三步):(加些东西) (例子): 我叫晶晶我是个可爱的女孩我的同学叫我小苹果因为我的脸总是红的我不讨厌这个绰号我今年岁我来自河北省,中国离北京不远我喜欢和我的朋友们一起玩我很擅长国际象棋我比我父亲更擅长下棋。

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