英语作文难忘的一天_An unforgettable day 4篇

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英语作文难忘的一天_An unforgettable day 4篇

关于”难忘的一天“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:An unforgettable day。以下是关于难忘的一天的托福英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:An unforgettable day

It's an unforgettable day. Everyone has an unforgettable day. Christmas is coming.

One person is very happy and others are very sad. I had to go back to Singapore after holding my birthday party in Singapore. I didn't want to spend my birthday in Singapore.

So I spent my birthday and Christmas together the next day. My sister and I went to the Christmas shop and bought decorations to decorate the house, Then we went to buy presents to put at home. There were lots of fruits on the table, and the words "welcome to my home" were written on the door.

After that, happy Christmas. On the second day of Christmas, we decorated the whole room very beautifully. My family got up early and waited for some people to be five minutes late.

I saw my uncle and his family coming to my house. There are so many people in our family. We are very excited to see all the people in front of me.

I think I am the happiest person in the world. When all the people came to my house, we went to half of the hotel together. We were chatting and came to the hotel very funny.

My uncles and aunts were sitting in one seat, my friends were sitting with me. The food on the table and any different juice were on the table. There was a very big and good cake in the middle of the table.

We ate on the one hand and talked on the other hand. Suddenly my mother came to me We said that everyone would like to say different congratulations to Bai Kun. Then the first one was my sister.

She said happy birthday and happy Christmas to you. Everyone said it. I feel very grateful.

Although I didn't say thank you to my friends, I still forgot that sentence and their enthusiasm in the evening. Everyone sat on the sofa and watched Christmas TV. My uncle played Call me and let me go to my bedroom.

When he gave me the money, I came. In fact, I know what they mean is that they want me to cross the road and feel better in Singapore, but I don't want to take money, so I said to him, seeing that everyone of them gave me money, I wanted to cry. My grandmother was old and she gave me 100 yuan.

Although the money was a little small, I felt that the gift was very heavy and valuable. I would save the money for my work, but I would also repay them for their kindness I said a word to him faithfully, thank you. It was an unforgettable Christmas.





One afternoon, on my way home from school, I walked slowly down the street with my head down. The scenery on both sides of the street is beautiful, but I have no interest in them at all. I walked and walked, thinking about what happened that day.

Just a few minutes before the second class started that afternoon, I was going to the teacher's office. I heard my teacher and my mother talking. Could you go to the cinema without permission this morning? My mother said out loud and slapped me heavily.

I looked at my mother. Dumbfoundy walked more slowly because I had seen the house in front of me. My mother always stood at the door, smiling at me.

But now, she is not here, my heart is beating faster and faster. I don't even dare to open the door. I don't know what to do if my mother hits me again I was in deep pain for what I had done.

I looked up and a soft hand patted my head. I watched my mother standing beside me. I couldn't help crying.

My mother's tears rolled down my cheek.





It was Sunday. Our teacher, Mr. Zhu, took us to a park nearby.

Usually we go to the park on holiday, but today we go there to take part in voluntary labor. We got there at nine o'clock. Mr.

Zhu divided us into three groups. Then we began to work. The students in the first group planted trees and watered flowers.

The students in the second group were very busy collecting the garbage left by tourists. They also cleaned up the benches in the park. I'm from the third group.

We went to the children's playground and cleaned up all the equipment there. We worked very hard. At about 11 o'clock we finished our work.

We met at the gate of the park. We were tired but very happy to remember.




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