关于法国的英语作文_France 3篇

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关于法国的英语作文_France 3篇



France is a country in Europe, located in the west of Europe. Paris is the capital of France. There are many tourist attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the Arc de Triomphe, etc.

France is an attractive country, famous for its beautiful scenery. France has a long history and has a great influence on Britain, including culture, language and lifestyle. I like France very much, so I hope to go there one day.




"Dongdu food street features: Sichuan and Hunan snacks address: Dongdu food street, located in the bustling business district, is the most prosperous catering business street. It provides training, fitness, leisure and other catering and business services. The restaurant is characterized by delicious food, friendly environment, reasonable price and different styles.

Features of Huanshi East Road International Business and catering area are: medium and high-end catering clothing There are many luxury hotels and office buildings around Huanshi East Road (East) international business catering area, which provides the basis for high-end catering. There are not only restaurants, but also local and foreign style dishes. Different styles come from different provinces of South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, Italy, France, Thailand and China.

Liuhua food street features: the main place of Cantonese cuisine Address: Liuhua food street at the intersection of Panfu Road, Renmin North Road is based on the surrounding office buildings, China Export Commodities Fair, plus the beautiful environment of Liuhua Lake party and Yuexiu Park. These restaurants are famous for their traditional Cantonese cuisine and other high-end dishes. They are outstanding in presenting the color, aroma and taste of dishes, and integrate these elements into the dining environment.




Chanel Sa is commonly known as "Chanel" (English pronunciation: /y/nnl L/) is the Paris fashion house founded by the late fashion designer Gabriella "Coco" Chanel. It is recognized as one of the most advanced high fashion, specializing in luxury goods, high fashion, handbags, handbags, perfume and cosmetics. As a singer in a French coffee shop, Chanel has been focusing on simple suits, dresses, women's pants and clothing jewelry, while coco Chanel's vision is to replace these gorgeous and sexy works with something that conveys leisure and elegant.

Her design and creation are eternal. Nowadays, Chanel's basic silhouette has been consistent from generation to generation. According to Forbes, Chanel's most famous "little black dress" has become an important item in most women's wardrobes.

Chanel's privately owned mansion is owned by Allan Wei They are the great grandsons of Pierre wittheimer, Chanel's early partner. The company has a number of well-known people as spokespersons, including Katherine denauf's Chanel no spokesperson Nicole Kidman (early s Chanel no spokesperson Audrey TATO) (now Chanel no spokesperson Keira Knightley) (now chief operating officer) Marilyn Monroe This photo, taken with Chanel no, is undoubtedly the most famous of all Chanel's advertisements, and continues to be one of the most popular advertising photos in the history of marketing. It is used by numerous biographies and is still sold in large quantities as posters and art works.

Marilyn Monroe's model Marilyn Monroe made this one Perfume is famous..


香奈儿Sa通常被称为“香奈儿”(英语发音:/y/nnl L/)是由已故时装设计师加布里埃“Coco”香奈儿创立的巴黎时装屋,被公认为最高级的高级时装之一,专门从事奢侈品、高级时装、手提包、手提包、香水和化妆品等。香奈儿在法国的一家咖啡店当歌手,一直专注于简单的套装、连衣裙、女式裤子和服装首饰等商品,而Coco Chanel的愿景是用传达休闲优雅的物品取代这些华丽、性感的作品,她的设计和创作是永恒的,如今,香奈儿的基本廓形一代又一代保持一致,据《福布斯》报道,香奈儿最出名的“小黑裙”已经成为大多数女性衣橱里的重要单品,香奈儿私人拥有的豪宅由阿兰·韦特海默和杰拉德·韦特海默共同拥有,他们是香奈儿早期合作伙伴皮埃尔·韦特海默的曾孙。公司有许多知名人士担任代言人,包括凯瑟琳德纳芙的香奈儿无代言人妮可基德曼(早期S香奈儿无代言人奥黛丽塔图)(现任香奈儿无代言人凯拉·奈特利)(现任首席运营官)玛丽莲·梦露(Marilyn Monroe)的香奈儿无代言人模特)用香奈儿No(香奈儿不代言模特儿)拍的这张照片无疑是香奈儿所有广告中最著名的一张,并继续成为营销史上最受欢迎的广告照之一,被无数传记所使用,作为海报和艺术作品仍在大量销售,玛丽莲·梦露的模特玛丽莲·梦露使这款香水声名鹊起。

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