关于变化的英语作文_change 4篇

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关于变化的英语作文_change 4篇



We all know that we live in an ever-changing world, and it's hard to imagine what kind of world human beings will be when facing the unchangeable world. There is no doubt that there are good changes and bad changes. On the other hand, when changes are good for us, we will feel relieved.

When we face the bad changes that Shakespeare once said, we often complain about everything: This is the same problem. What I want to point out is whether to change or not: This is not a problem. After reading who moved my cheese, I am deeply aware of the significance of change, although the story is simple, its symbolic meaning is very profound and thoughtful.

First of all, the author tries to tell us that if we move in a new direction, we will find new cheese, and the sooner you let go of old cheese, the faster you find new cheese. I firmly believe that we should always be ready to change, and we should pay attention to the small changes that happen around us. For example, when Steve Jobs observed the small changes in the mobile market, Apple was an enviable company.

He put forward old ideas and welcomed new positive changes, so he succeeded. From my point of view, we should try our best to find the changes around us. It is not a problem to change or not to change.

What we need to do is to challenge our minds, find changes and change them in a positive way. Only in this way can we succeed.





No prison was more difficult at this time when Lewis louse became the warden of Xinsheng prison, but when the governor retired a few years later, the prison became a humanitarian agency. Those who study the system say that the credit for this change belongs to rouse, but when he is asked about the transformation, he says: I owe it all to my wonderful wife Catherine, who is buried outside the prison walls. Katherine louse is a young mother with three children.

When her husband became warden, everyone warned her not to step into the prison walls from the beginning, but this did not stop Katherine from holding it at the beginning of the first prison basketball game. She took three beautiful children into the gym and sat in the stands with the prisoners. Her attitude is: my husband and I will take care of these people, and I believe they will take care of me.

I don't have to worry about her insistence on getting to know them. Their records. She found out that a convicted murderer was blind, so she took him by the hand and went to see him.

She said, "do you read Braille?" he asked what Braille was. Then she taught him how to read Braille. After years, he would cry for her.

And then Catherine found a dead body in prison. She went to school to learn how to use sign language. Many people said Katherine law She was the body of Jesus and resurrected in it.

Since then, she was killed in a car accident. The next morning, Lewis louse did not go to work, so the acting warden took his place. The next day something was wrong in the prison.

Her body was lying in her coffin at home. Three quarters of a mile from the prison, the contemporary warden was walking in the morning. He was shocked to see a large group of the strongest and strongest criminals gathered at the gate like a group of animals.

He came closer and saw sadness and tears of sadness. He knew how much they loved Catherine, and he turned to face the people, okay, guys, you can go and see what's going on tonight, and then he opened the door and a line of criminals walked three-quarters of a mile without guards in line to pay their last respects to Katherine lause, and each of them checked it.






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