互联网的利弊英语作文_Advantages and disadvantages of Internet 4篇

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互联网的利弊英语作文_Advantages and disadvantages of Internet 4篇

关于”互联网的利弊“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Advantages and disadvantages of Internet。以下是关于互联网的利弊的九年级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Advantages and disadvantages of Internet

The Internet plays an important role in our daily life. We can get news and information at home. We can send email and make phone calls on the Internet.

We can also study, read books and learn foreign languages on the Internet. We can listen to music, watch sports programs and play games. We can also shop online.

Online education is very important in our life, it can provide us with a good source of information, save our time, money, and very convenient. In addition, we can also exchange ideas, opinions and information with our classmates without going out. If we feel stressed and depressed, we can listen to songs.

In order to have a balanced life, there are some harmful people addicted to online games on the Internet. They stand in the Internet bar day and night. Finally, they abandoned learning.

The Internet is very useful, but we must use it correctly.





To some extent, online education is no longer a new thing in our life. It has become a part of our daily life. We can do a lot of things on the Internet, such as searching for information recently and communicating with friends from afar.

Network education has become a fashion. The popularity of online education is first of all because of its outstanding advantages. It breaks the barrier between time and space, People can easily study at home through the Internet at any time through the computer; secondly, people can no longer read those boring textbooks, but can enjoy colorful images, good sounds and charming videos, which will arouse his great interest in learning.

However, the disadvantages of online education are obvious. Sometimes, due to the poor network connection, there is a lack of between students and teachers Enough interaction ‰ as the saying goes, every coin has two sides. Online education does not develop well, but also has limitations.

I still believe that with the further development of the Internet, the future of online education will be better. Another network activity has become popular recently, that is online education. Why can online education be accepted by the public in such a short period of time One important reason is the rapid development of the Internet.

Another deep-seated reason is the rapid development of today's society and science and technology. Modern science and technology are developing at a lightning speed. In order to catch up with this development, we all feel an urgent and strong desire to learn.

In society, many people are too busy to learn in school. Online education just helps them. As far as I am concerned, I appreciate this new form of education.

It is indeed a beneficial supplement to the traditional means of education. It provides different learners with more flexible and diverse learning methods. Through online education, we can learn and absorb the latest knowledge while looking for a job.




With the development of science and technology, the Internet has become more and more popular, and people's views on this phenomenon are quite different. Some people think that searching the Internet has many advantages, while others think that searching the Internet has brought many unfavorable factors to human beings. I stand on the side of the former, because I think its advantages outweigh its disadvantages first of all, the Internet is so magical, many people have It is easy to indulge in it, because it is a product of high technology.

Many people are very curious about it and want to explore the world on the Internet. It has many attractive things. Many people can't control themselves.

Some of them may play computer games day and night and ignore everything. Some people may pay too much attention to chatting or entertaining themselves on the computer Little energy is devoted to study or work from this aspect. However, the Internet does harm to people's lives.

The Internet enriches people's lives, brings convenience to people, and people can learn a lot, which will make them more knowledgeable and improve. People can buy things on the Internet and connect with others, which is very convenient. In general, the advantage of reading online is that I can save a lot of people's time.


随着科学技术的发展,互联网变得越来越普及,人们对这一现象的看法也大相径庭,有的人认为搜索互联网有很多优点,有的人则认为搜索互联网给人类带来了很多不利因素,我站在前者的一边,因为我认为它的优势大于劣势 首先,互联网是如此的神奇,很多人都很容易沉迷于它,因为它是高科技的产物,很多人对它很好奇,想去探索一下互联网上的世界是非常丰富多彩的,它有很多吸引人的东西,很多人无法控制自己,他们中的一些人可能日夜玩电脑游戏而忽视了一切,有些人可能过于注重在电脑上聊天或娱乐自己,而很少有精力从这方面投入到学习或工作上,然而互联网却对人们的生活造成了危害,互联网丰富了人们的生活,给人们带来了便利,人们可以学到很多东西,这将使他们变得更加知识化,并得到提高。人们可以在互联网上购买东西,与他人联系,非常方便,在一般情况下,我在网上阅读的好处是可以节省很多人的时间。

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