简历的英文单词_Resume words 4篇

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简历的英文单词_Resume words 4篇

关于”简历的单词“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Resume words。以下是关于简历的单词的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Resume words

An Italian traveler, an Englishman, was traveling in Italy. One day, he went into a small restaurant to order dinner. He knew nothing about Italian and couldn't understand the word "egg" on the menu.

So he ordered eggs. Italy is famous for its mushrooms. The man wanted to taste the mushrooms that the waiter didn't say a word.

Finally, the man took out a pencil and a piece of paper from his pocket 。 The waiter looked at the picture of mushroom for a long time. He didn't understand it, but he left at last. He walked for a long time.

He came back about half an hour later, but it was not a mushroom. He brought a big black umbrella to the man. ① traveler ② traveler ③ traveler ④ waiter ⑤ I care about Dali.

I had an interesting experience when traveling in Italy One day I went into a small restaurant for dinner. I knew little about Italian, so I couldn't understand the menu. I wanted to order some mushrooms, because Italy is famous for this kind of food, but I didn't know the word for mushroom.

I asked the waiter to help, but he didn't know English at all. I took out a pencil and a piece of paper and drew a picture of a mushroom. The waiter seemed to understand, Ma About half an hour after he left, he came back with a big black umbrella.

I was very disappointed, but I paid for the umbrella and brought it back to my hotel.




One day when I went to the dentist to have my tooth extracted, the dentist kept asking me what I wanted had nothing to do with my teeth, but because my mouth was full of cotton wool, I couldn't say anything. I found that he had pulled out the wrong tooth.




Once upon a time, there was a couple of kings and queens who said every day, "Oh, if only we had a child," but they never had children. Finally, the queen had a little girl. She was so beautiful that the king couldn't restrain his joy.

When the banquet was over, he ordered a grand banquet. Thirteen clever women came to give magic gifts to the children. Eleven of them had agreed.

Suddenly, the 13th came. She wanted to avenge herself for not being invited. She cried out, "the king's daughter, when she was 15 years old Waiting, will stab themselves with a spindle, they are shocked, but the twelfth, her good wish still did not say, she came out, because she can not relieve the evil judgment, can only soften it, she said, "this is not death, but a hundred years of sleep, the princess will fall into" the king, he wanted to let his dear children from misfortune, ordered to spin every single root in the kingdom The yarn is burnt.

On the day when the princess was fifteen, she climbed a narrow winding staircase in the castle and came to a small door in the room. An old woman with a spindle was busy spinning. "Good morning, old mother," said the king's daughter, "what is this? It's spinning so happily," said the girl.

She picked up the spindle and wanted to spin, but as soon as she touched it, she used it The hammer stabbed her finger, and she fell to the ground and fell asleep. This sleepiness pervaded the palace, where the castle began to grow thorny hedges, and the hedges grew higher and higher year by year. Finally, the whole castle was covered with thorns.

The story unfolded. From time to time, the king's son came to try to enter the castle through the thorn fence, but the young man was trapped in the thorns and died miserably Then a hundred years later, when the princess woke up, a king's son approached the thorn hedge and saw a big and beautiful flower. He went on walking.

In the great hall, he saw that the whole court was asleep. Then he went on. Finally, he opened the door and went into a small room where the king's daughter was sleeping and the king's daughter was lying He couldn't take his eyes off.

He bent down to kiss her, but as soon as he did, she opened her eyes, woke up and looked at him very sweetly.



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