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关于”最幸福的童年记忆“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:The happiest childhood memory。以下是关于最幸福的童年记忆的初中英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The happiest childhood memory

In my memory, there are many happy things. The happiest thing about my Morrey is playing chess with my classmates after class. After class, I quickly put my chessboard on the table.

My friends came to me and played so well that they couldn't beat me. We sat there and started to play. We talked and laughed, and we didn't even see my English teacher come into my class.

We had to go back to class. But we promised that we would play next time. This is my happiest thing.

I will never forget it, because I put my childhood in it.





Like many children, I spent a happy childhood with the care and love of my parents. My mother takes me to kindergarten and home every day. I think mother is so kind and healthy that she will never get sick.

But one day, my father went to the kindergarten to pick me up. I asked, "why doesn't my mother come?" "she's sick." she's in the hospital, "my father said. I felt sad and scared, and then I started crying," don't cry, or mom will worry about you.

You should be a good child. "I seem to understand that my mother is too tired, and I've made up my mind to take care of my mother. My mother has always thought since then I am not an ordinary child.

My hometown is in the southwest of China. I was born in a coastal city and it never snowed. It snowed all day in my hometown.

When my parents came to my house, the snow stopped. My mother said, this is a magic. Whether I am an ordinary child or not, I will create an extraordinary life for myself when I am three years old It was the first time in my life that I suffered a disaster in my hometown.

One day, citizens went to the beach almost every day. My parents took me and my sister to the beach. My mother and I stood on the beach and saw my father and sister swimming.

I was very naughty, when the waves rolled, I let go of my mother's hand, I fell into the sea, but I was very lucky, my mother found me in time, they were afraid. When I was five years old, my father took me to school by bike. I was so naughty.

I put my leg on the back wheel of my bike. I fell down and broke my right arm. I was afraid that I would die.

I was afraid that the operation would be painful. At that time, I regretted my bad behavior, and I began not to do that. Noz: Hawke.






Childhood memory when I was a child, I spent every summer in a small house in the village, where everything looked like magic, perhaps because I was a child (you know children have more imagination than adults) or maybe not, no, no, no, I no longer believe in fairy tales. This place has not lost its unusual uniqueness Beautiful, only a road across the whole village, all the houses only one or two floors, generally not big, this village is very small, very peaceful. I had three close friends, and my parents allowed us to go wherever we wanted to go, and we investigated all the interesting places in and around the village, such as the stables, a clay strip mine, an abandoned house, trees and lakes, and a lot of other things.

In particular, I remember a river in the woods that was so clean and transparent that we could see it All the stones at the bottom, and it was very cold. When we put our hands in, we immediately felt a pain. The woods around us looked like I thought, and I could describe it, but if you read the chronicle of Narnia or watch a movie, you can imagine, no matter who you are, what we can see in the most important place of your childhood, because now I live In St.

Petersburg, born there, this place has always been in your heart, but I don't like the city. St. Petersburg is called the second capital of Russia.

I don't like the big city now. I can seriously say that my childhood in the countryside was the happiest time of my life, was it.



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