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关于”有关人工智能对生活的影响“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:About the impact of artificial intelligence on life。以下是关于有关人工智能对生活的影响的高考英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:About the impact of artificial intelligence on life

My name is Lin Tao. I always dream of having a robot in Superman. It will be the product of artificial intelligence.

It can do many things for me, including helping me do all the housework, especially cleaning the floor I hate most. It can cook for my family at any time. It can take me to school to pick me up.

It's not my parents who add up, but also my teacher, Teach me English and math. With the breakthrough of science and technology, what kind of imaginary robot will it be? I firmly believe that my dream will come true one day. Have you ever thought that in the future or in a few years, we can imagine that all the housework will live with robots, including washing dishes, cleaning windows and so on.

It's easy to do it automatically. It's just because we have robots. As long as they are at home, we don't have to go shopping and cook by ourselves.

If a family member gets sick, we can still stay with us Because robots are doctors. Yes, robots in the future may be everything except humans.




Nowadays, with the rapid development of information technology, the Internet and e-commerce has become a hot spot in our daily life. For example, it has become a fashion for young people to buy books, clothes, electrical appliances and other daily necessities through many express companies through Taobao, eBay, Alibaba and other well-known websites. As we all know, online shopping has many advantages.

First of all, online shopping is more convenient than traditional shopping methods. We can find a store with a lot of goods we like Just click the mouse and input the keywords of what we want. Second, it also saves us a lot of time.

More choices than physical stores are another attraction to customers. Online shopping can provide a lot of product information to meet the needs, tastes and preferences of customers. Third, because there is no traditional warehouse and retail store, online shopping can make us get lower cost and price.

Although it has its advantages, we obviously can't ignore its disadvantages. The quality problem is its first disadvantage. Customers always buy fake goods that are not called online stores.

In addition, when customers are not satisfied with what we buy online, it is very troublesome and annoying for us to make changes. The second disadvantage is the security problem when we shop online. We need to pay for goods through electronic payment.

However, hackers can invade our computers and steal our information, which is not safe for online shopping.





My parents were born and raised in China. They were highly educated professionals. They got their degrees from Cambridge University in England, where they met and became soul mates.

My father has an MBA. He is a very successful financial expert in China. My mother has her (Doctor of Arts degree).

She has a high prestige and teaches in a university in China Teach modern art. They all believe that their career is not just for life, their career is their life. By contrast, my grandparents' career is so simple, you can see that they have retired and enjoyed their wonderful retirement time in our family.

I talked about their career with my grandparents, and they told me that their occupation is to maintain basic living for me and raise their own children. As a handsome one-year-old boy studying in a private middle school in China, I dream of it Become a scientist in the field of artificial intelligence in the future. Last but not least, parents and children often have different ideas about our careers in a rapidly developing country.

Different lifestyles and aspirations will affect and determine the views of generations on careers.




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