英语的自我介绍_self-introduction 4篇

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英语的自我介绍_self-introduction 4篇



My name is XXX. I'm XX years old. My birthday is September.

I'm a very lively girl. My favorite sports are running and playing table tennis. I also have a large sports collection.

I like white most because it's quiet, elegant and beautiful. My favorite fruit is apple. I also like to watch comedies and thrillers.

My favorite movie is xxxxx I Ofen and my parents go to the movies on Sunday. I like cartoons best. I like listening to music.

My favorite music is XXXXI. I have a happy family and I love my family.


我的名字是xxx,我今年xx岁,我的生日是九月,我是一个非常活泼的女孩我最喜欢的运动是跑步和打桌球我也有一个很大的体育收藏品,我最喜欢白色因为白色非常安静优雅,非常漂亮,我最喜欢的水果是苹果我也喜欢看喜剧和惊悚我最喜欢的电影是XXXXX i ofen星期天和我父母去看电影,我最喜欢卡通,我喜欢听音乐,我最喜欢的音乐是xxxxI有一个幸福的家庭我爱我的家庭。


I am very honored to have the opportunity to participate in the interview, now I will briefly introduce myself. My name is, years old, graduated from University, metal engineering, bachelor degree, cheerful personality, people have affinity, but also attaches great importance to team spirit, good listening and communication skills. I have been in quality management for three years, mainly responsible for the establishment and maintenance of quality system organization, internal audit, management review, organizational acceptance of all customers, our audit suppliers and the third Party audit also deals with the daily work flow and after-sales quality.

If I am lucky to get this job, I will work hard to give full play to their potential and make due contributions to the company.




Judge teacher, you know me. Next, I'll introduce myself to you. My name is bing in English.

I went to class 3, grade 5 in CAC this year. I have three people, father and mother. I'm good-looking, not beautiful, but not too ugly.

I have two ears on both sides, one mouth and one mouth on my nose I smile every day. Even if there is a problem, I won't say that I have the characteristics of being happy to help others. I see that someone needs help and will be very enthusiastic.

Many people cry for me. Now I have a sweet heart. AI canshu remembers that one morning, my mother told me to peel beans.

I agreed to peel beans by hand while reading a book. My mother saw it and said with a smile If you don't look at me and bean shell seriously, you have to look at my weakness with my mother In order to save my brain, of course, I have made up my mind to carefully check the operation to ensure that there is no mistake. Cai Xingmei's people like to watch TV, so most of my energy is sometimes spent on watching TV.

I want to watch TV to eat, and reading books is also watching TV. At first, I thought it was the best of both worlds, but I had to consider the next one, but I still didn't do either So I made a rule for my father: if the score of the fifth grade exam last semester was lower than the full mark, I was not allowed to watch TV. I thought: I would watch less TV.

I have many advantages and disadvantages in the use of energy in my study. I have to correct these shortcomings. I have used people for a long time to make up for our own weaknesses.

I want to change myself and make a new me. You know me now Like my Bay.



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