关于敬老院的英语作文_home of respect for the aged 4篇

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关于敬老院的英语作文_home of respect for the aged 4篇

关于”敬老院“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:home of respect for the aged。以下是关于敬老院的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:home of respect for the aged

Mary, I got up early because I was too excited to sleep in the morning. Our volunteers brought some flowers and fresh fruits to the happy sanatorium. We also sent our best wishes to them.

Then we cleaned the windows and swept the floor for them. Then we did some activities for them, such as singing and dancing, one of us Some of us read newspapers for them, some of us talked to volunteers as they left, and they appreciated our kindness. From this meaningful activity, I found that we should care for the elderly and respect them in our daily life.

We should give them seats on the bus. We should be more friendly to our grandparents. If you have the opportunity to come to China, I hope you can join us Li Hua.




① Since the opening of our village to the outside world, great changes have taken place in our village's home. The elderly's home is a good example. Due to the rapid development of agriculture and industry, the number of elderly people in our village now exceeds that of all those without children in our village.

Those who can't work can live at home. All facilities are provided for the elderly at home. ③ clothes, food, housing and medical care are free of charge.

There are color TV sets, washing machines, a reading room and a sports room. The elderly can do all kinds of things and enjoy their life. They live a happy life at home.

They live a happy life at home.


① ②③④⑤⑥老年人①我们村的家自从我们村对外开放以来发生了很大的变化,老年人之家就是一个很好的例子。由于农业和工业的迅速发展,我们村里的老人目前超过了我们村里所有没有孩子的老人,凡是不能工作的老人,都可以住进家里。家里为老人们提供一切设施③衣服、食物、住房和医疗都是免费的,有彩电、洗衣机,一个阅览室和一个运动室老年人可以做各种各样的事情,尽情地享受自己的生活。



Today, we all step out of the campus together with our classmates and prepare to go to the nursing home to see "grandfather" and "grandma" Alfie. When we come to the gate of Yixian County, the cold wind blows to the students, which makes us all start to get goose bumps. What's more, we walk by A long corridor, and then see the walls around, but also planted a lot of trees and flowers, on the third floor there are several rockeries and a pavilion, we see many old people are sitting quietly, we are nervous and happy arrival, suddenly make grandparents face a kind smile, students immediately get active, some help grandfather back, some help grandma rub feet, and some help elders action Inconvenient cart and other students are very excited, and even some students specially come to the room to visit inconvenient grandparents, but the time of sending you my heartfelt blessing and gift of love is always short.

We want to say goodbye to our grandparents. We reluctantly leave the nursing home. Some grandparents also seem to be in front of us.

When they send us to the door, their eyes are filled with happiness and happiness from time to time Tears of gratitude, and a trace of smile, these elderly people living in nursing homes, it seems good, the environment sounds good, but every night they miss their families, very sad, no family care, now very poor, in my eyes, like a lonely old man, weak and innocent birds, they need help, care and love, and considerate, that's all It's not enough. We need more people and more things to create a better home for the old people all over the world. I will let them know that they have no relatives, but better than their relatives, they still care about them, love them, help them and understand them.



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