我的梦想演讲稿英语_My dream speech 5篇

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我的梦想演讲稿英语_My dream speech 5篇

关于”我的梦想演讲稿“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:My dream speech。以下是关于我的梦想演讲稿的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My dream speech

A wise man once said, "if you want to hit the target, you must aim at the target.". This statement is very true to all: if we want to achieve something, we must set goals first, and there is no goal, there is no fixed direction. It's a beacon that guides us to be, or when we're off course, imagine an arrow trying to hit without any visible target, and all the skill, preparation, knowledge and training will be wasted.

So, it's wiser to do things the same way, first find the target, then plan to shoot. My dream is to become a designer. Although there is still a long way to go, I am ready and I will continue to learn.

In this regard, I have to plan every step, because every step I take must be hard preparation, so that I will not be complacent.





I have studied English for six years, and I find that I am more and more interested in English. But some students think English is boring and difficult to learn. I tell you, if you master some useful ways to learn English, English will never become your enemy.

The method is as follows: it is absolutely necessary to listen carefully in your English class. Even if the teacher teaches you something, remember: it is harmless to learn something twice a second. You should not only spend minutes listening to it English, and you should go to the English corner or practice oral English once a week.

We all know that in today's society, listening and speaking are far more important than written English. Third, you can read some short stories written in English, which can improve your English comprehension. If you insist on reading English every day, I believe your English will improve soon.

These are my experiences in learning English. There must be omissions. I'm glad to hear you speak English.




The topic of my speech is "what does college education mean to me". Looking back on my college experience in the past two and a half years, I gradually realize how much college education has affected me. For me, college education is an amazing shipbuilder.

He designed me with a broad vision. College education has enabled me to have the ability. First of all, I have a powerful propeller.

I have profound knowledge and extensive contacts in a certain field. I devote myself to engineering courses in the daytime and immerse myself in the feast of world literature at night, which has accumulated power for the future and enriched my spirit Soul, college education also provides me with a precise outlook on life and a sense of social responsibility. How to realize self realization and serve the public interest at the same time? My experience as a part-time English teacher for one year has proved that: it is valuable to the society and can find my own position.

I must have some practical strength and ability, in the most challenging situation, in the busy schedule Balance club activities, sports and academic courses, I feel rhythm and beauty in my high-intensity life, knowing that I am the right way, and more importantly, university education has been established not only as a single boat, but also as a fleet with a common destination. By communicating with friends with common beliefs, I have mastered the skills of communicating with others. Now, as a ship about to embark on her maiden voyage, I still can't tell what is waiting for me.

Instead, I have a powerful propeller, an accurate compass and a warm-hearted partner to sail in the ocean of society. I am ready to be a great ocean explorer , thank you.


我演讲的题目是“大学教育对我意味着什么”,现在回想过去两年半的大学经历,我逐渐意识到大学教育对我的影响有多大。对我来说,大学教育是一位了不起的造船师,他用远大的眼光设计了我,大学教育使我具备了能力,首先,我有一个强大的推进器,在某个领域的渊博知识和广泛的接触,白天投身于工程课程,晚上沉浸在世界文学的丰盛宴会中,为未来积累了动力,丰富了我的灵魂,大学教育也为我提供了一个精确的人生观社会责任感如何在实现自我实现的同时最大限度地为公众利益服务我做了一年兼职英语教师的经验证明:对社会有价值,也能找到自己的位置,我必须有一些实际的力量和能力,在最具挑战性的情况下,在繁忙的时间表中,平衡俱乐部的活动,体育和学术课程,我感到节奏和美丽,在我的高强度生活,知道我是正确的方式,更重要的是,大学教育已经建立不仅是单人船,而且是有着共同目的地的船队,通过与有共同信仰的朋友交流,我已经掌握了与他人交流的技能。现在,作为一艘即将进行处女航的船,我仍然无法说出前方等待着我的是什么,而是拥有一个强大的推进器,一个精确的罗盘和在社会海洋中航行的热心伙伴,我准备好成为一个伟大的海洋探险家 谢谢你。

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