关于全球变暖的英语作文_global warming 5篇

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关于全球变暖的英语作文_global warming 5篇

关于”全球变暖“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:global warming。以下是关于全球变暖的三年级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:global warming

Many people think that human activities cause the earth's temperature to rise. They say that global warming will have terrible consequences for our environment, such as drought and flood. What should the government do to help prevent global warming? Give your advice and reasons.

The earth's temperature is changing rapidly, so there are many climate changes, such as heat waves, droughts and floods. Scientists believe that this is human activity As a result, if governments don't take action to help prevent global warming, it could be a disaster. They can act in three ways: supporting research, making laws and making the public aware of the situation first.

Governments can support research. For example, they should encourage companies to develop less polluting cars. They should also support alternative energy sources for wind and water Instead of oil and coal, they should organize meetings to discuss the impact of greenhouse gas emissions and possible solutions.

Second, they should enact laws to limit the amount of greenhouse gases that companies emit. Private companies should be rewarded for complying with these laws, and they should be punished for creating pollution. Finally, everyone is affected by global warming.

Therefore, the government should involve individuals in the problem-solving process, which is very important to encourage families to use more efficient light bulbs or less hot water to save energy as much as possible. They should also encourage the public to recycle, which is mandatory for everyone. Another way to save energy is through the public transport system.

The government should spend money on public transport to make it as easy as possible for the public to summarize energy conservation. Obviously, the government can do a lot to prevent global warming. They should involve companies, support scientists and encourage individuals to protect the earth.





In recent years, global warming has become the focus of people's attention. It is caused by serious air pollution. With more and more serious environmental pollution, global temperature rises sharply, and disasters such as drought, flood and glacier melting follow.

We should protect our earth and fight against disasters together. We should start from small things and make contributions to protecting our home.




The main reason for global warming is that in the past century, a large number of fossil fuels have been used, a large number of greenhouse gases have been emitted from coal and natural gas, and a large number of greenhouse gases have been cut down wantonly, so that their ability to absorb carbon dioxide and the consequences of global warming will lead to the redistribution of global precipitation, the melting of glaciers and frozen soil, and the rise of sea level, which will not only endanger the natural ecosystem It is balanced and poses a threat to the food supply and living environment of human beings. A few days ago, polar bears began to cut their throats. Lizards on hillo Island were on the verge of extinction due to climate change.

Cherry blossoms blossomed earlier in Japan. Due to the warm climate in Moscow and warm winter, bears were suffering from warm winter in France. The number of bird species decreased significantly and most areas of China also emerged Now that the "warm winter" climate warming will change the main crop varieties in China, will cause water shortage and increase the mortality rate, people have to pay more and more heavy price for climate warming.

When I learned about these situations, I was in such a heavy mood. Chairman Mao taught us: "the world is yours, it's ours, but in the final analysis it's yours." now, as a Ordinary middle school students, the world's problems from now on, from the daily small things to lay a good foundation for tomorrow, energy conservation, environmental protection is the key today. Some places are faced with survival crisis due to energy exhaustion, but some places are in a huge waste.

We should form good saving habits from our own work, save every drop of water and every kilowatt hour of electricity, and see other people waste. To actively prevent it, it is necessary to find effective ways to solve problems. This is not only a scientist's business, but also everyone as a middle school student, we can only To master rich scientific and cultural knowledge, in order to solve this problem, it is necessary to make great contributions to global warming, which is the concern of all mankind.

Let's make efforts to make the world full of awareness and consciousness of energy conservation and environmental protection.



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