我的习惯英语作文_My habits 2篇

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我的习惯英语作文_My habits 2篇

关于”我的习惯“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:My habits。以下是关于我的习惯的高考英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My habits

Everyone has their own habits. My habit is watching TV. Sometimes it's good and sometimes bad.

Many people watch TV and become short-sighted. I watch TV. As long as there is no one, I can watch for hours because of watching TV.

Now I look at the words on the blackboard. I don't know it's because of watching TV. I worry about my eyes every day, My eyes developed into high myopia, but one day I don't watch TV, my brain is always restless, just like ants scratching.

Even when doing homework, I can't help turning on the TV and watching for a while. I can still do my homework. My grandfather is beside me and dare not to turn on TV.

I remember once, my grandfather accompanied me to do my homework at home. This time, my favorite TV play "soon." I started to open my heart and always wanted to watch the TV on TV that I wanted to watch. My grandfather answered the phone and I went to play chess with him at the same table.

My grandfather went to a grandfather's house, and I watched it when I turned on the TV. For example, the TV drama was already: at this time, I didn't expect to do my work. When my grandfather came back, he found that he didn't do my work, I criticized him Want to give up the habit of watching TV, watch less TV, healthy and happy to be a little man.




I think healthy living habits are very important for today's society. People have realized the importance of keeping healthy and good living habits. We should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

We should not eat too many snacks. Second, we should drink a lot of water. Third, I think more meat and fish, less exercise is not conducive to good health and good rest, less meat and fish, more vegetables And enough exercise is good for health.

Fourth, we should get up early and go to bed early. In my life, we shouldn't stay up late. We should have living habits.

The definition of a healthy lifestyle includes a positive attitude to life, a balanced diet, regular exercise, three to five times a week, at least 30 to 45 minutes per class, regular social activities and regular physical examinations. I want to add a wealth of personal knowledge to the list. All of us are very busy every day.

Students are faced with piles of homework and blue and white-collar workers eager to do it The first thing in the morning is the traffic jams, unsolved problems, setbacks, new challenges, pressures in our workplaces and offices. We have forgotten our needs as human beings until the alarm of our biological clock is triggered, and we finally realize what we should do for ourselves earlier because we ignore what our bodies tell us, so We paid a higher price. Joozenecom started our project not too late.

We can't avoid our problems every day, but we can change our way of thinking. We can use our daily work as physical exercise. For example, I spend hours a week cleaning my house.

I either turn on music or sing loud songs. I think I can To finish my daily work faster, in a happy mood, I take turns cleaning the bathroom walls with my arms, which is exactly the same exercise shoulder, I think I will never have to see an orthopedic surgeon because of my shoulders when I get to that particular age.




My habits I have some habits, some are good, but some are not. I like reading science books very much. I get a lot of knowledge from reading novels.

I am addicted to stories about sports that I like to do, which also helps me keep healthy. I never put today's work in tomorrow. They are my good habits and they help me a lot in my daily life.

However, I also have some bad habits, for example, sometimes I do homework very slowly, stay up late at dinner, I prefer to eat meat rather than vegetables, sometimes I play computer games too long and don't play them, they are harmful to my health. From now on, I will try to keep my good habits, give up those bad habits, and then I will live a better life.



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