楚门的世界观后感英文_Truman's view of the world 2篇

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楚门的世界观后感英文_Truman's view of the world 2篇

关于”楚门的世界观后感“的英语作文模板2篇,作文题目:Truman's view of the world。以下是关于楚门的世界观后感的初二英语模板,每篇作文均为真题模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Truman's view of the world

We all know that animals are our friends. Like all animals, but I like dogs. The best dogs are not only very cute, but also very helpful.

That's why we all feed our dogs at home. I often share happiness with it and pass it by. It belongs to me three years ago.

It is called "Betty". In other words, we should regard them as our true friends. Do you agree with me.





To be honest, as a young Chinese, watching a documentary film has such a profound understanding of China, but it is completely made by the UK. It is not very good to make such a good production. But fortunately, China's wilderness does not belong to any government in the political world.

This really frees me from the idea that China's beauty can only be presented to the world by China. Is it the world In the beginning, there was no government or country in the world. Animals didn't have to carry ID cards with the words "I am a citizen".

There are so many mountains, rivers and forests that have passed through more than one country. Don't forget the sky. Every living creature under the nature belongs to everyone, not to anyone.

So anyone who has the will and ability to make a record about the world's nature People who record films should be able to enjoy such freedom, especially when it is done very well. As a super fan of BBC's natural history unit series, I just met this one recently, which makes me very surprised, because I never realized that China is so rich and colorful, full of amazing natural wonders, just like most Westerners, I have no idea about China The view is exactly what we see on the news channel. With the background pictures of Beijing and the Great Wall, it is particularly good that the filmmakers have included the lives of the local people in each episode, so many interesting local cultures exist in their pockets, and each has a rich cultural tradition that can be traced back hundreds of years.

Well, some people have done something to record this, and they have disappeared under the pressure of modern methods. The filmmakers have also pointed out the huge problems faced by wild animals. These problems come from the pressure of human beings to occupy the land of animals and birds' habitats.

At the same time, they also pointed out that in some areas of China, wild animals will eat all the things that cause them to die This is the first time I feel that I will go to China to see its natural history and nationality.




The world is always full of blood. There are too many wars, so everyone is on guard against others. However, many false things follow the ancient battlefield, which is more obvious than in a high and low place: in modern society, the thorn behind is difficult to prevent.

In modern times, smart people are those who know how to use people, because the United States launched a war in Iraq, and the United States has a big impact on Iraq Weapons of mass destruction (WMD) attacked the ground but occupied Iraq because no chemical or biological weapons were found. Then they would say that when reviewing the investigation data and finding mistakes, the United States can always use its war rumors to wander around. But who knows the fate of North Korea in the future? The United States has launched an atomic bomb attack on the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia, but they are threatened A bad accident was taken to test the Chinese government.

The Chinese government thinks that they have reflected too many innocent casualties. This is also the reason why Chinese missiles mistakenly bombed the White House. It explained that since the technology is so advanced, the United States will repeatedly mistakenly bomb.

What's more, China and the United States ignore international law and obstruct the United Nations, but ignore the strong opposition of the local people. I suspect Annan is Is it just the puppet society of the U.S. government? A group of corrupt officials in China have been arrested, and corrupt officials have been ousted for a long time.

This is not strange. In any country in GuangGuan County, the future of the world is a one-way road leading to evil.



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