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关于”你的写得还不错“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Your writing is pretty good。以下是关于你的写得还不错的托福英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Your writing is pretty good

It is difficult for people to achieve career success without sacrificing important aspects of personal life. In short, given the increasing demands of professionals on careers today, it is still possible to achieve personal life by working smarter, setting priorities and making yourself fit + as science and technology are becoming more and more important to modern society, schools should spend more time teaching science and technology than arts and humanities. Schools do not Less time should be spent on the arts and humanities.

These areas of research expand and strengthen the study of mathematics and science, and help preserve the richness of our entire human heritage, while encouraging us to further develop. In addition, in order to evaluate our technology and determine its right direction, the humanities discipline + job security and compensation should be based on employee performance, not on years of service. In the final analysis, rewarding employees (mainly years of service) will hinder them from maintaining a sustained high level of productivity.

This statement correctly identifies performance as the best standard for wages and job security. However, this statement is too much, it ignores the fact that the increase in the cost of life-long employees not only increases employee loyalty, but also ultimately increases productivity, which is required by fairness, and is also a manifestation of how far a supervisor should go to criticize his subordinates. Some very successful managers have learned to rely on abuse and intimidation.

Do you think it's an effective way to convey expectations? If not, what alternatives should managers use when dealing with people who are unsatisfactory? Supervisors should avoid abusing and threatening subordinates, which are unlikely to produce the best results in the long run. Dealing with substandard performance with clear, honest and supportive feedback is more respectful and may be more effective.






I have a friend named Yang Ying. She is of medium build, well proportioned, oval face, small eyes, but she is very temperament. She is very interested in singing and dancing.

She took part in the singing competition in the city and won the first prize of her love of sports. She likes walking to keep fit. She is a helpful person.

Once she saw an old lady fall down on the road in the street. After she was sent to the hospital, the old lady put herself into the hospital My money was entrusted to the doctor's grandmother, and then she left quietly. Even her name was left by her.

Her favorite food was pasta. I always told her to eat noodles.




Harry: Jane, don't you think Tom is strange? Today Jane: Yes, he looks like Sally: Don, you two don't know he blew him up. Jane: we just talked him out of his parents' anger. Day lily: I don't think it's his fault.

Tam Harry: what are you doing? Mean, it's not his. Fatali: Oh, Stop Tom is Tom: Hi, Jane: Hello, how are you? Tom: No, Harry, you don't look right. Tom: Oh, I had a quarrel with my mother.

Forrest Gump: why: because she doesn't want me to come. Tori: she doesn't like me to join you in the coming summer. Why: she said dangdangdang.

Come on. You can take care of you. Of course, Tom: I think so So I want her to understand, bartheley: cheer up, my God, we're here.

Can we help you really (Tom's twin brothers Jim and James) hi, Tom, you're our great mother waiting for you. What do I want her to do? Jim: don't worry, she can't kill you. Tom: can I ask my friends Oh, if you're mustajane: Hi, I'm Jane, this is lilligee M and James: Hi, We're twins.

Call me Jim and him. Jemes Harry: kind yes, Jim and gems. I'm Harry and Harry.

Jim and James: what about you? Dotom: let me go now (Tom's home) Tom: Mom, this is my flintsm: Oh, thank you: Mom, agani must know that honey, I lost my temper, so mom, you Can I go camping with my kids? F of course: Oh, mom, I love you (give her a kiss) Jim: Hey, man, did we both convince mom? James: Yes, aren't you going to do anything? Essington: Oh, my dear brothers, I love you both too. Jim and James: don't go. Kiss your girlfriend.

We don't seem to like it. Yes, but at least we can help him eat. You will never forget the delicious food: Don, don't say that to you.

Tuzhen: ha ha ha ha (end).



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