关于奋斗的英语演讲稿_Struggling speech 3篇

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关于奋斗的英语演讲稿_Struggling speech 3篇

关于”奋斗的演讲稿“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Struggling speech。以下是关于奋斗的演讲稿的八级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Struggling speech

Beijing Opera is the quintessence of China. People call it "Oriental Opera" for two reasons: one is that it contains singing, dancing, music, art, literature and opera style similar to the western world. Their origins are the same classical.

It originated from several ancient local operas and came into being in Beijing. Therefore, we call it Peking opera because of the four major local operas in Anhui at that time Troupe Sanqing, Sixi, chungong and Spring Festival Gala performed successfully in Beijing. They have been cooperating with artists in Handan, Hubei Province.

As a result, a new drama with "Erhuang" and "xipi" as the main aria, Kunqu Opera, Qinqiang opera and Bangzi has emerged. In the next few years, I don't know how to connect with this sentence. There are more and more aria, rhythmic spoken parts and musical instruments The more formalized, eventually formed a new kind of drama, promoting the formation of the form of Peking Opera.

The inspiration of action in Peking Opera comes from the combination and enrichment of action by life artists to make it more beautiful and coherent. Lianpu is a kind of special color facial makeup, which is used to explain the characteristics and destiny of specific characters. Lianpu can help you understand the story of opera.

This is a very important feature of Peking Opera. Peking Opera has been very popular since the Qing Dynasty. Famous Peking opera artists are known as today's superstars.

There are many famous Peking Opera fans, including Emperor Guangxu. They can not only sing, but also play drums. They also know that the aria of the Empress Dowager Cixi is another famous opera Fan, she likes this play very much, so there is a three story theater in the summer palace.

The summer palace is the largest theater in China and has been well preserved.





Today, I'm very happy to share with you my views on success. What is success? It's something everyone yearns for. Sometimes success is very simple.

Winning a competition is success. Getting a high score in an exam is success. Making new friends is success.

Even now I'm here to give a speech. However, in terms of a person's life, success becomes very complicated It's wealth, success is fame, success is the success of high social status. No, I don't think so.

I believe that success is the realization of people's hopes and ideals. In modern society, there are many people who are considered successful. Their most obvious characteristics are money, high status and luxurious life.

So most people believe in success, and all they do is for this purpose. But the question is, is it Really successful, we all know that money is always more, higher status and better conditions are placed in front of us. If we continue to pursue, what will ultimately meet our purpose? Therefore, we can see that to achieve real success, we must have something inside, that is, to realize people's hopes and ideals.

Different people have different views on success, because people have different hopes and ideas. On the other hand, I believe that every success is precious for everyone, because it is not easy to obtain, because in the process of pursuing success, our body and soul are seduced, and at the same time, we are inspired by the most precious human qualities: love and patience Courage and responsibility, these are the best wealth, so I am very proud to have this opportunity to stand here and speak to you. This is my success, because I challenge my hope.

Everyone has his own explanation, but I believe that every success will bring a brighter future. So ladies and gentlemen, believe in our hope, Believe in ourselves, we, each of us, can make you live a successful life.




We know that in China, a large number of students graduate from school every year, there are so many new workers, there are not enough jobs for them, the competition is becoming more and more fierce, as more and more enterprises close down, many workers have to escape this phenomenon, leading to in China, more people must stay at home, if a person has no high education, he will be in the future of China It's hard to find a job. I think mastering a skill may be one of the best foundations for finding a job in China,.



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