我的梦想英语演讲稿_My dream speech 5篇

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我的梦想英语演讲稿_My dream speech 5篇

关于”我的梦想演讲稿“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:My dream speech。以下是关于我的梦想演讲稿的七年级英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My dream speech

A beautiful world Hello: when I was young, everyone wanted to talk about a beautiful world. I always dreamed that I would live in a beautiful country. There are many flowers and trees around our city.

We can hear the birds sing and see the children dancing. The streets are clear, the air is fresh, how beautiful, but that's just a dream for me. How I hope it can come true.

So I think we should do something to protect our environment. Everyone should contribute to the protection of the environment. It is very important to take good care of our environment.

No matter where you live, you can do something around your neighbors. Do you put the garbage Have you ever painted on public walls? You spit in public places? Have you ever cut down trees? Your answer is "no", which means that you have helped to protect our environment. We have a responsibility to keep our environment clean and tidy.

You may ask yourself, "did I pick up some garbage and throw it into the garbage can? Have I ever collected waste paper or bottles for recycling? I've planted trees or flowers nearby or nearby. "If your answer is" yes ", it means that you have done something useful to improve the environment. What I want to say is: let's do our best to make our world more beautiful.






My hometown is Lhasa, the largest city on the roof of the world. It is the heart and soul of Tibet. I think Lhasa is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

It is surrounded by high mountains. There is seldom a day when you can't see the dark blue Lhasa River flowing quietly around the city. Lhasa is a mixture of tradition and fashion.

First of all, Lhasa has a long history and is the politics, culture and economy of Tibet In the center, there are many famous scenic spots. Potala Palace is the most famous, magnificent and wonderful place. I think it is the unique artistic achievement of Tibetan people.

Similarly, the buildings, sculptures and paintings in the City show the industriousness, wisdom and bravery of our people. Secondly, under the guidance of China's reform and opening up policy, Lhasa has undergone many changes and many new things appear here It has changed the appearance of the city. New and old buildings go hand in hand.

Schools and roads have been repaired. The Qinghai Tibet railway to Lhasa is under construction. Many shopping malls have been opened.

Modern technologies such as telecommunications are spreading. The whole city looks very prosperous. Our Tibetan people will take on a new look every festival.

People can walk freely on the new, broad and smooth roads Wearing beautiful traditional clothes, I was looking forward to a festival called schotton in June. At this time, my family and I gathered for a picnic in the famous garden of nobrinka. We sang Tibetan songs, danced Guozhuang on the grass, ate Zanba, drank butter tea, highland barley beer on the beautiful carpet, and we enjoyed our life.

I think this festival shows the Tibetan people's happiness Lang's optimistic personality finally, I love my hometown, I love the people of my hometown thank you tashidler.


我的家乡是拉萨,世界屋脊上最大的城市它是西藏的心脏和灵魂我想拉萨是世界上最美丽的城市之一它被高耸的群山包围着,很少有一天你看不到深蓝色的拉萨河静静地环绕着城市流动 拉萨是传统和时尚的混合体 首先,拉萨历史悠久,是西藏的政治、文化和经济中心,有许多著名的景点,布达拉宫是最著名的,壮丽而美妙的地方,我认为它是西藏人民独特的艺术成就同样,建筑,城市里的雕刻和绘画展示了我们人民的勤劳、智慧和勇敢;其次,在中国改革开放政策的引导下,拉萨发生了许多变化,许多新事物出现在这里,改变了城市面貌,新老建筑齐头并进,学校和道路已经修好了,通往拉萨的青藏铁路正在修建,许多购物中心已经开通,电信等现代技术正在传播,整个城市看起来很繁荣,我们的藏族人民每逢节日都会焕然一新,人们在新的、宽阔的、顺畅的道路上自由走动街上,穿着美丽的传统服装,我正期待着六月到来的一个叫肖顿的节日,在这个时候,我和我的家人聚集在诺布林卡这个著名的花园野餐,我们唱着藏歌,在草地上跳郭庄吃赞巴,喝酥油茶美丽地毯上的青稞啤酒我们享受我们的生活我认为这个节日展现了藏族人民开朗乐观的性格最后,我爱我的家乡我爱我家乡的人民 谢谢 塔希德勒。


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, I am very happy to speak here today. My theme is "how to say the future". Human life is a process of growth.

In fact, I stand here as a growth. If a person's life must be composed of various choices, then I will grow up with these choices. I once hoped that I could study in the University in the future, but that's it It's over.

You know I'm here. Now I want to know what my future will be like when I come to this school. I say to myself: This is my near future.

Everything starts here. I want to learn to be a man, a complete person, he has a good body, can undertake important tasks, independent thinking, open mind, in-depth thinking, have the ability to judge right and wrong, have a perfect job. Once my teacher said: you are not sewing, you are a stylist, never forget that you should show people your thoughts, not hands I will put my personality and my interests and abilities in my study.

In this process, I will combine learning with doing. If I can realize this future, I think I really grow up, and I firmly believe that family, friendship and love will be perfect and happy in the future. How to say that the future may be a good wish, let's make up our mind and stick to it, and we will enjoy our life well.



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