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关于”助人为乐“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:find in helping others。以下是关于助人为乐的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:find in helping others

This afternoon, after finishing my work, I found the work "love education" written by an Italian writer armises from the bookcase. Leaning against the wall, I read the book with relish. In the form of primary school students' diaries, it reflects the status of various social strata.

It also tells us that people need to care for each other. They can read each other and review their lessons together to help students monitor the generation Pelosi hunchback Nelly picked up the things on the floor and other touching stories. I can't think of one thing.

Not long ago, brother: it was the end of the semester. One afternoon, we were going to have a math exam. Many people went there early to review.

Suddenly, there was silence in the classroom. My deskmate Lu Yao burst into tears. She forgot the compass.

It must be too late to get it back There was no money to buy a bar. She was so anxious that I could share one with her. Then I thought, no, it was a waste of my time and affected my test scores.

So I had to say to her, "I only have one. You can see what others have to do." maybe God is against her. At this time, there is no one in the class Lou Yao, who is a legal "war preparation activity", doesn't know what to do.

When Liu Chang, the "model of helping others" in class, came to Luyao Township and saw the straw, he ran over and asked, "are you free?" and "yes". I think Liu Chang hesitated for a moment, but he quickly handed Lu Yao out of the pencil box. At the end of the exam, many students handed in their papers in advance, but strangely enough Liu Chang, who usually gets good grades, is always early.

This is the last inlaid one. Lu Yao also knows when Liu Chang only takes one because she shares a compass with her desk. Lu Yao thanks again and again.

Liu Chang says with a smile, "no, this is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation. I just mentioned" yes, love education " In the book, Karen, a generation of losers, and "Liu Chang" around us all use their words and deeds to interpret the true meaning of helping others and helping others. They should be our example to learn from.

For their own difficulties and convenient ways for others, everyone really gives a little love, and the world will become beautiful and helpful. If love is dedicated to Qi Fangzhou, the world will become beautiful and helpful.




John is a very kind and generous boy. He likes to help other people in need. One day, his teacher, Miss Li, announced to the girl that there would be a trip to an old man.

Miss Li asked volunteers to help clean up the old people. Many of John's classmates didn't want to be volunteers. They knew that they would do this and work hard to clean the old people.

However, John immediately raised his hand. He didn't mind hard work, as long as he could help the old man on the journey. When he arrived at the old man's home, he was excited and anxious.

He began to clean the place where he helped to clean the bathroom, wash the windows and clean the floor. The teachers were surprised at John's diligence and positive attitude. He made John's friends feel bad and follow his good example and work hard.

At the end of the day, the teachers praised their extraordinary efforts and took them to a snack bar. When John got home, he felt very tired, but he was happy with what he had done today.






Helping others has always been a virtue in Chinese traditional culture, but now it is strange that people dare not lend a helping hand to those in need. I would like to elaborate my view on this issue. I think that when egoism prevails, people's moral sense has degenerated, and many people find it more and more difficult to help others.

Second, undeniably, some tragic events are eventually trapped by evil people. Therefore, people's risk awareness is becoming stronger and stronger, and they are more alert to traps and deception. I believe that we should Be enthusiastic, offer help, and be aware of potential dangers to avoid being deceived, rather than a strange sense of morality, selfishness, individualism.



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