了不起的盖茨比英文摘抄_The Great Gatsby 4篇

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了不起的盖茨比英文摘抄_The Great Gatsby 4篇

关于”了不起的盖茨比“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:The Great Gatsby。以下是关于了不起的盖茨比的三年级英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The Great Gatsby

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威廉·亨利“比尔”盖茨三世(生于10月,美国商界大亨、慈善家、作家、微软董事长,微软是他与保罗·艾伦共同创立的软件公司,他在微软工作期间一直被列为世界上最富有的人和最富有的人之一,盖茨曾担任首席执行官和首席软件架构师,目前仍是最大的个人股东,持有超过%的普通股。他还撰写或合著了几本书,盖茨是个人计算机革命中最著名的企业家之一,尽管他受到许多人的敬仰,许多业内人士批评他的商业策略,他们认为这是反竞争的,这一观点在某些情况下得到了法院的支持,在他职业生涯的后期,盖茨一直在从事一些慈善事业,比尔·盖茨于今年1月辞去微软首席执行官职务,通过比尔·盖茨基金会向各种慈善组织和科研项目捐赠大量资金,他继续担任董事长,并于6月设立了首席软件架构师一职,盖茨宣布,他将从微软的全职工作过渡到比尔和梅琳达•盖茨基金会的兼职和全职工作。他逐渐将自己的职责移交给首席软件架构师雷•奥齐(Ray Ozzie)和克雷格•芒迪(Craig Mundie),首席研究与战略官盖茨在微软的最后一个全职工作日是6月,他仍以非执行主席的身份留在微软,因为他已经获得了多所世界知名大学的荣誉博士学位。


A Russian, a Cuban, an American businessman and an American lawyer are on a train to Europe. The Russian takes out a large bottle of vodka, pours a glass of wine for each of his companions, and then throws the half full bottle out of the window. Why do you ask the American businessman that vodka is very rich in our country, that the Russian actually has a few puffs of Havana cigars, and then It was thrown out of the window.

I thought the Cuban economy was suffering. The businessman said you threw away that very good cigar. The Cuban replied, "what should we do with a dozen cigars with ten cents in Cuba?" the American businessman was silent for a moment.

Then he stood up, grabbed the lawyer and threw him out of the window.



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