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关于”变得流行“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Become popular。以下是关于变得流行的高考英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Become popular

Nowadays, western customs have been introduced into China step by step, which makes many residents in big cities enjoy themselves in western festivals such as Christmas and April Fool's day. This phenomenon shows that the people of the world are getting closer and the world is getting smaller. Therefore, in my opinion, this is a normal phenomenon and an inevitable trend.

This shows that we Chinese have become more open-minded, rather than clinging to some old customs and habits that run counter to our life. Looking back on history, we can find out why our China was very poor and weak in the S. yes, the answer is that we shut ourselves down so that other countries would not know about us, which put us on a very difficult road.

On this road, we suffered from wars launched by many European countries, so I think we should accept other customs instead of closing down We are very necessary. The festival is just the beginning. This trend has its advantages to a certain extent.

However, if we worship western customs too much, it will be a disadvantage. Because China is our own country, we should all have a patriotic wish in the near future. We can see the situation of Westerners celebrating the Spring Festival.





Recently, a picture has attracted a lot of people's attention. In the picture, a handsome boy is studying in the library silently. People can only see half of his face.

Girls are crazy about him because he is so handsome. Wearing a white shirt makes him a gentleman. What's more, he sits there quietly, looks like a beautiful scenery, and the picture of the boy soon becomes hot Door topic, people search his information, more and more people find his things.

The boy won the first place in the province when he took part in the college entrance examination. He can also play the cello very well because he is so excellent that everyone admires him and wants to train his children as well as him. We can see that a beautiful appearance will attract people's attention, but only your talent can make you different.




At present, with the increasing number of single men in China, Vietnamese brides have received extensive attention. More and more bachelors think that it will be a good choice to get rid of single life. Different people have different opinions.

Some people think that this may be illegal, and there must be certain potential problems. Although some people think that this is a good solution to single men for me, but I Agree with the latter. On the one hand, with the rapid improvement of material living standards, most girls will not marry people who can't afford to buy a house.

Moreover, some girls still need a good car, especially the girls in the upper urban area. They are too difficult for them, and they are satisfied for a normal man who is just starting out. However, if they get married late, many parents will put a lot of pressure on their sons.

For example, if there is a way to marry a girl who doesn't care much about material life, why don't we choose to marry a Vietnamese girl? On the other hand, with their cultural customs, these international marriages are conducive to cross-border cultural exchange In short, marrying Vietnamese brides can reduce the number of single men in China. While strengthening Sino Vietnamese relations, it can not be a bad thing.



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