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关于”适合写的电影“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:A film suitable for writing。以下是关于适合写的电影的托福英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:A film suitable for writing

Pinus taiwanensis is a common tree species in northwest North America, and its population has been declining for more than a century. Scientists have proposed several hypotheses to explain this decline. One hypothesis is that the decline of Chinese fir may be caused by insect parasites, especially the bark beetle of Cedrus deodara, which is known to attack Chinese fir.

The larvae of the beetle eat wood on record Continuous beetle attacks overwhelmingly kill yellow cedars, so this insect is a good candidate for tree decline. Insect parasites feed on cedar trees, and the decline of Sequoia in North America is caused by the attack of insect parasites on Chinese fir trees, resulting in a large number of deaths. The decline of trees is due to the attack of insect parasites and their larvae.

The lecturer and the reader present two competing theories to explain why the lecture is so obvious. According to the professor's point of view, refute the views expressed in the reading material. On the contrary, the reader thinks that the opposite position is different from, disagrees with, doubts, conflicts, challenges, refutations, confusions, controversies, battles, on the contrary, although / in view / against this / however / contrary In addition to this / however / explanation / reinforcement / support / (perfect) reinforcement of the speaker's point of view, she believes that in addition to this, the fact further strengthens the point of view in the speech, which contradicts the view of reading.




This level of response successfully selects important information from the lecture and links it to the relevant information presented in the reading. The answer is well organized, and occasional language errors do not lead to inaccuracies or inaccuracies in the content or connection limited company fairgoodtpo8 points: minor points secondary points: secondary points main points: the knight's memoirs are from a large, reliable historical source. One of the important points is that it usually takes a few days to convert his assets into real money, so when he runs out In cash, he had to borrow some money while waiting for the money to come, but this was not a pitiful second point: after talking to Voltaire every night, he would write down all the information he could remember about that particular night's conversation, and kept the notes of those conversations for the sake of many years' witnesses' confirmation that he often consulted the notes and diaries when he wrote the third point of his memoirs: at The other prisoners in that prison had more powerful friends than he had, and none of them could bribe their way to freedom.

The old Venetian government documents show that shortly after the knight escaped from prison, the ceiling of his old cell had to be repaired. However, on the contrary, on the contrary, B remembers that a major development is the basic concept here, the basic concept here Yes, the important thing is, for example, that is to say, with a specific example. Besides, similarly, another reason is that, in my opinion, on the whole, it is TPO.




Shortly after his imprisonment, Nelson Mandela succeeded in the presidential election in South Africa. He led the people to get rid of apartheid, and took the lead in hiring white guards to create different colors in various aspects. As the host of the Rugby World Cup, South Africa returned to the international sports circle.

The members of the South African rugby team are all white springbok teams, but they are regarded as racist by many black people In order to get rid of the gap, Mandela looked forward to Meeting Captain Pierre springberg in the foreign exchange match supporting the springbok team and the visiting team. The latter led the South African white players to visit South Africa, and football was popularized in front of the public. This sport has become a common bond between the black and the white, and Mandela successfully completed the harmony between the white and the black The first step in getting along.



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