关于旅行的英语作文_travel 4篇

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关于旅行的英语作文_travel 4篇



Travel has become a worldwide activity. Never before have so many people travel around the world with new, fast and comfortable transportation methods. More and more people want to leave their homes to see more people travel around the world for various reasons.

But the most common one may be the pleasure brought by travel. When you come back, an effective way to divert your attention from your work can be found You are fresh, energetic and ready to work hard. Travel is also one of the best ways to learn.

You may have heard or read something, but only by seeing it can one have an accurate understanding of it. I believe that knowledge gained from practical experience is more valuable than knowledge from books.




The Bank of Japan also needs outside thinking. The British government boldly decided to appoint mark Carney, a Canadian, as governor of the Bank of England. This is a logical inference, that is, Paul Tucker, deputy governor of the Bank of England, the unsuccessful presidential candidate Tucker is the governor of the Bank of England and the next governor of the Bank of Japan This modest proposal is mostly a joke, but after years of failure by the Bank of Japan to overcome deflation, the Bank of Japan may need some new ideas to deal with it.

Even in Tokyo, it is impossible for Japan to appoint a foreigner to lead one of its most important institutions. However, imagine an outsider who is not familiar with the orthodox ideas of the Bank of Japan is called up In fact, it is Shinzo Abe who is most likely to become Japan's next leader. If Abe wins next month's general election, the former prime minister is ready to return to work.

In terms of monetary policy, that is to say, the doves among Hawks have put forward some new ideas. He hopes that the government will set an inflation target, which he initially proposed He said the BoJ should pursue unlimited easing monetary policy. Abe has hit back in recent days, especially in his view that the Bank of Japan should buy construction bonds, but he threatened to amend the laws of the Bank of Japan if the Bank of Japan did not cooperate.

He has also been attacked for alleged violations of the central bank's independence. His position has many advantages (sometimes the Bank of Japan law, the Bank of Japan gives the impression that it does not think deflation is a bad thing, it opposes setting inflation targets - it reluctantly adopts a smaller target - on the grounds that it may not be able to achieve it, because in a deflationary environment Normal policy instruments are ineffective, and it does not want to be seen financing government spending directly because it will prevent the government from making difficult decisions, such as raising taxes, cutting spending and forcing industrial restructuring.


日本央行也需要外界思考,英国政府大胆决定任命加拿大人马克·卡尼(Mark Carney)担任英国央行行长,这是一个合乎逻辑的推论,即让英国央行副行长、未成功的总裁候选人保罗·塔克(Paul Tucker)出任英国央行行长,下一任日本央行行长(英国马克•卡尼银行(Mark CarneyBank of England)【保罗•塔克班克(Paul TuckerBank of Japan)】这一温和的提议大多是在开玩笑,但在日本央行多年来未能战胜通货紧缩之后,日本央行可能需要一些新的思路来应对,即使是在东京,日本也不可能任命一名外国人来领导其最重要的机构之一,然而,想象一个没有深谙日本央行正统思想的局外人被征召入伍,实际上,最有可能成为日本下一任领导人的人选正是安倍晋三,如果安倍晋三在下个月的大选中获胜,这位前首相准备重返工作岗位,而安倍晋三在货币政策方面,也就是说,鹰派中的鸽派提出了一些全新的想法,他希望政府设定一个通胀目标,他最初提出的目标是百分之%,如果没有达到目标,央行行长将承担责任,他说,日本央行应该推行无限宽松的货币政策,安倍最近几天有所回击,特别是他认为日本央行应该购买建设债券,但他威胁说,如果日本央行不合作,他将修改日本央行的法律。他还因为所谓的侵犯央行独立性而受到抨击他的职位有很多优点(有时日本银行法,日本央行给人的印象是,它并不认为通缩是一件坏事,它反对设定通胀目标——它不情愿地采用了一个更为胆小的目标——理由是它可能无法实现这一目标,因为在通货紧缩的环境中,正常的政策工具是无效的,它也不愿意被人看到直接为政府支出融资,因为这将使政府无法做出艰难的决定,如增税、削减开支和迫使产业重组。


Volunteer service our belief in tourism exploration is that in order to make the world a better place, there is still a lot to do - no one can do anything, but each of us can do something we need to do, find something that can move us and put it into action - all the projects you see on our website are based on seeing the needs and putting them into action Travel is a new way to discover yourself and learn to know yourself more clearly. Volunteer service abroad is a way to spend time in another culture and become a part of a new community. In order to experience life from different angles, every community needs to travel People who are willing to volunteer their time should devote their energy and money to projects to improve the living conditions of the residents.

No one needs to travel around the world to find a good and valuable career, and devote their efforts to volunteer service. It should be something we often do in our life, not just when we can take a month or two off, or when we have extra money When you spend time traveling, your actions are your voice in the world. Speak out loud and clear what you think is important, what you think is right, what you support.

No matter what you choose to do after reading these websites, we encourage you to continue to explore your service choices, go deep into your own heart, and find out what you are doing.



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