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关于”旅游给人的影响“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:The impact of tourism on people。以下是关于旅游给人的影响的高一英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The impact of tourism on people

How do movies and television affect people's behavior? Support your answer with some reasons and specific examples: do movies and TV affect our behavior? I believe that movies and television do affect our behavior. Whether it's good or bad, movies do make people more violent. The more violence we see on TV, the less sensitive we are to them.

In the end, violence doesn't seem to be wrong, and we can even commit it ourselves. That's especially true because we don't always realize that violence has consequences, actors can be killed back in another movie, sometimes we confuse reality, we forget that killing is permanent; movies and television can also affect our behavior, because they make us less active in watching movies. It's a negative behavior if we watch too much It becomes unhealthy, both mentally and physically, when we see things happen, we stop using our own imagination.

Mental laziness has turned into physical laziness. We prefer to watch sports programs rather than go to sports by ourselves. We prefer to visit Song Fei's characters or friends rather than chat with our neighbors.

What's strange about the exciting life of imaginary people? Some people prefer to live a life of fantasy rather than their own. Of course, watching movies and TV is also good for us. It can give us a broader window to understand the world.

For example, watching movies can expose us to people of different races and cultures, and then we can more easily overcome some prejudices. Recently, there are more disabled people in movies, which also helps to reduce prejudice. The best impact on our behavior is that watching movies and TV can reduce stress.

Watching movies can temporarily avoid our own problems. Sometimes movies show positive ways to solve the problems we face. While TV and movies should not be a way to escape from life, sometimes they can help us cope with them.

Movies and television do have a negative impact on our behavior. However, I also believe that they can influence our behavior in a positive way. How they affect you depends on how much you watch, what you see, and how you react to what you see.







The influence of the Internet on people's way of communication, the Internet has indeed had such a profound impact on our life. It has completely changed people's way of life and way of thinking, as this picture subtly reveals. Two parents are sitting in front of the computer, chatting with their children on the Internet.

This is a meaningful picture for me. Because electronic communication can never replace parent-child communication, electronic communication can never replace parent-child communication. More importantly, face-to-face communication is more important than face-to-face communication It is conducive to the construction of a harmonious society, because it pays more attention to people's emotions, rather than convenience and quickness.

Therefore, it is necessary for us, after all, that the invention of the Internet is to connect you and me, to bring convenience to our life, rather than to set obstacles so that people can't contact. If we want to maintain our interpersonal relationship more effectively, in real life, we should spend money More time to communicate with them face to face, so that we can not only make full use of the communication tools on the Internet, but also make our relationship closer.




China's persistent haze has affected many people, and many people living in the affected areas cannot go out without wearing masks. The news media all over the world have been paying close attention to this situation. I hope in my opinion, if we work together to take such measures, our environment will become better and better, and the dangerous goods will disappear completely.



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