第一课的英文_Lesson one 4篇

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第一课的英文_Lesson one 4篇

关于”第一课“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:Lesson one。以下是关于第一课的六年级英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Lesson one

There are many stories about the exam, but I will not forget the final exam. This is the most unforgettable thing. Before the exam, I simply reviewed my lessons.

Although other students reviewed their lessons again and again, I felt that I remembered all the important things. I was too confident and relaxed myself, but I thought I could give the best performance. When we started to check, I was really surprised I couldn't answer a lot of questions, so from then on I got a bad result, which I saw as an experience, and it told me never to be overconfident.

Yesterday was my birthday. I received a lot of presents. All the gifts were wrapped in colored paper.

There were two very interesting gifts. My sister gave me a round paper bag. I thought it was a football.

But when I opened it, I found it was my brother's clock. I left a message to me saying, "my gift has been put in your bedroom." as soon as I entered the bedroom, I found a box I opened it and found a laptop. I'm very glad that the purpose of these two gifts is to let me study hard and not waste time.

Today is my mother's birthday. My father and I wanted to give her a surprise birthday gift the morning we went to go to the store to buy a big cake. After we got home, we went to the market to buy some food that mom loved very much.

We began to prepare gifts for Dad I went into the kitchen to prepare a big meal, and I went into my room to make a birthday card. I drew three rabbits, the biggest one eating cereal, and the other two playing happily under a big tree. To tell you the truth, this is my family, because we were all born in the year of rabit, and the delicious food on the table made my mouth water.

Everything was ready. We sat at the table and waited for the sound of mother's opening the door. We hid behind the door.

As soon as we heard her coming, we cheered: "Happy Birthday". My mother sat at the table. I showed her the gift.

She looked at the gift and said with a smile: "try the delicious food made by Father himself." I said Mom looked at me and dad and picked up chopsticks.





Mrs. Smith complained to me that she often found it impossible to communicate with her one-year-old daughter at all. I firmly believe that reading simplified English novels is a simple and pleasant way to enlarge our vocabulary.

I think besides / in addition to protecting our environment from pollution, we have not done enough. Starting from writing compositions every week, our English teacher has assigned us eight books to read in the summer vacation. We have learned from reliable sources that a native English speaker will teach us oral English next semester.

Regular watching English movies can not only improve your listening comprehension, but also improve your listening comprehension if you have some learning strategies If you have any questions, it will help you improve your oral English. Please feel free to ask me and I will explain it in detail. Canadian girls are good at taking every opportunity to speak Chinese.

This is why she has mastered good spoken Chinese in less than three years. 1. Some strategies or learning English "I am interested in English", "I am good at French", "learn news or secrets" to know someone's success or arrival ".





This year, because of the popularity of the new crown, my mother and I watched the first lesson at home. The most impressive story was the story of grandfather Qian Xuesen. He was a world-famous scientist and aerodynamics scientist.

After finishing his university in China, he went to the United States at public expense because of his outstanding doctoral achievements. However, the United States did not agree with his grandfather Qian Xuesen's overcoming various unexpected difficulties Yu returned to his motherland and became one of the most important scientists in New China. Without him, there would be no Chinese missiles or China's manned space shuttle.

I admire his patriotism very much. I also think that the success of Qian Xuesen as a world famous scientist is inseparable from his spirit of painstaking research, which is worth learning.


今年,因为新皇冠的流行,我和妈妈在家看了第一课最让人印象深刻的是钱学森爷爷的故事,钱学森爷爷是世界著名的科学家和空气动力学学家,在中国读完大学,他因博士毕业后成绩优异,公费赴美,想回国工作,但美国不同意钱学森爷爷克服种种意外困难,终于回到祖国,成为新中国最重要的科学家之一,没有他,就没有中国的导弹,就没有中国的载人航天飞机 我非常钦佩他的爱国主义精神我也认为,钱学森爷爷成功成为世界著名科学家,与他刻苦钻研的精神分不开的这些都值得他学习。

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