关于改变的英语作文_change 4篇

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关于改变的英语作文_change 4篇



Change is an indispensable action in life. Maybe, you will change your career, maybe you will change your status, but no matter what kind of yourself is always the most important change, which can make you and your colleagues more harmonious, can make you look better, can make others very satisfied with you, can let you go to a higher level of change, is the best choice for a young person He came to work in a company. At first, he held various lofty goals and wanted to be a great enterprise.

But later, he found that the company had come all the way, just like in him. He couldn't see it or feel it. Because there was no pressure, he wanted to be dissatisfied with another company and start his work.

But a good friend said to him, "now find one It's not easy to get a suitable job. Why don't you look at yourself and then decide "he stayed with the idea of trying. Indeed, he found that his performance was not outstanding, his attitude towards colleagues was unfriendly, and he was not active enough to work.

At that moment, he became more friendly and active, and worked hard, and he was no longer alone as usual Zhan, when he met his best friend again, the young man had been promoted to a manager. He changed himself, changed his previous success state, and tried to change his shortcomings. He would give you a brilliant time.

He took the exam several times in a week near the exam. In the exam, I lost. I felt regretful that I could not recover my good grades.

It was the change that reminded me and let me Change learning methods, win the final victory, change you, make yourself more excellent, more perfect, let life shine for change.




We all know that we live in a changing world, and it's hard to imagine what the world will look like when human beings face no change. There is no doubt that there are good changes and bad changes. When changes are good for us, we will be pleased.

When we face the bad changes that Shakespeare once said, we often complain about everything: This is the same problem. What I want to point out is whether to change or not: This is not a problem. After reading "who moved my cheese", I deeply felt Recognizing the significance of change, although the story is simple, its symbolic meaning is very profound and thoughtful.

First of all, the author tries to tell us that if we move in a new direction, we will find new cheese, and the sooner you let go of old cheese, the faster you find new cheese. I firmly believe that we should always be ready to change, and we should pay attention to the small changes that happen around us. For example, when Steve Jobs observed the small changes in the mobile market, Apple was an enviable company.

He came up with old ideas and welcomed new positive changes, so he succeeded. From my point of view, we should try our best to find the changes around us. Changing or not changing is not a problem.

What we need to do is to challenge our minds, find changes and change them in a positive way. Only in this way can we succeed.





Chapter 3 I walk on the street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I fall into it.

It takes a long time to get out. This is my fault. Chapter 2 I walk on the same street and I fall into the hole again.

This is my fault. I walk on the same street and fall into the hole. It has become a habit.

It's my fault. I go out immediately. I walk on the same street and see a deep hole in the sidewalk.

I walk around it. I walk on the other street.



我走在同一条街上,又掉进了洞里,这已经成了一种习惯,是我的错,我出去了立刻 章我走在同一条街上,看到人行道上的深坑我绕着它走 章我走在另一条街上。

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