书信的英文_letter 4篇

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书信的英文_letter 4篇



Your friend is getting married and he invited you to his wedding, but for some reason you can't go. Now write to explain why Monica dear Steve and Monica, thank you very much for inviting me to your wedding. Unfortunately, I can't attend Wendy.

I'm happy to say that Wendy is pregnant and the expected date of the baby is about the day you get married, Although she said that I could come by myself, I felt that it was the least I could do as a husband, that is to say, by her side, to take care of her after the baby was born, we all wanted to be a girl, and planned to call her Margaret after her grandmother, but if it was a boy, we were going to name him Frederick, except for us In addition to the name Wendy kenwendy, I would like to wish you both a happy life together. I hope to see you soon when Wendy is in good health. Don't forget to send us some photos.

Here's to us, Ken and Wendy.




After your accident, you were taken care of by another person and wrote a special letter to express your thanks: Dear sue, I am writing this letter to express my heartfelt thanks to you. When I was in that terrible traffic accident, you saw that you hurt me badly when you took me to the hospital. I was hit by a taxi from the back.

Although I didn't lose consciousness, I pushed forward At least three meters. If it wasn't for your timely help, my severe pain would really kill me. Give me first aid and send me to the hospital immediately.

I'm worried that the consequences might be more serious. The doctor said that my wound healed quickly, and I would be able to stand up again in a week. Anyway, the taxi company has agreed to pay for my hospitalization expenses, and everyone agrees that you are in this emergency Quick response leads to this satisfactory result.

I think I owe you too much, so please accept my best wishes, Ken.




A friend of yours is going to your hometown for a meeting. He will stay there for a few days. He wrote you a letter asking for advice on what to see and what to do there.

Write him a letter and give him some advice. Dear Mr. Moore, thank you for your letter in August.

I'm glad to learn that you will visit from September to September. I hope the following information can help you have a good time in my hometown. First of all, Shanghai is a big and busy city with many hotels and restaurants of international quality, as well as shopping centers and entertainment places.

I think you would like to see some interesting places, which are good representatives of this city. I know you are interested in art and history, so first of all, I suggest you visit the Shanghai Museum, one of the largest museums in China. Secondly, not far from the museum is the famous the Bund, where you can also see the wonderful scenery of Pudong: the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jinmao Tower, the third highest building in the world, you will see people from all over the world visiting the Bund.

Other interesting places are Suzhou, a beautiful city famous for its gardens. Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, is famous for its west lake. If you want to see an ancient village with the characteristics of the Yangtze River Delta waters, I strongly recommend Zhouzhuang, which is about an hour's drive from Shanghai.

I hope these suggestions can help you, because you only have a short stay in Shanghai You may not be able to carry out more sightseeing activities at this time, but if I can offer any other help, please let me know, looking forward to meeting you in Shanghai, your sincere, gokenny.





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