关于丝绸之路的英语作文_the Silk Road 3篇

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关于丝绸之路的英语作文_the Silk Road 3篇

关于”丝绸之路“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:the Silk Road。以下是关于丝绸之路的专升本英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:the Silk Road

The Silk Road, an ancient trade route linking China and Europe, was originally a caravan route, which began to use in C BC. The road started from Xi'an, China, and extended northwestward along the Great Wall, climbed the Pamir mountains, crossed Afghanistan, and reached the eastern Mediterranean Sea, where goods were shipped to Rome and then transported westward as wool, gold and silver With the fall of Rome and the eastward movement, the route became unsafe - it was restored under the rule of the Mongols, and Marco Polo used it in the th century.




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(杰贝尔阿里自由区(Jebel Ali Free Zone)杜拜斯主港旁边的物流区今年将输送阿联酋与中国双边贸易的三分之一;迪拜可能正在迎来新一轮的建筑热潮,但由于少数在建建筑工地的房地产崩盘通常都是由中国承包商负责的,因此,顶级能源项目仍然是西方承包商的领域,而机场等中层开发项目正成为土耳其在整个地区的土建工程的利益所在,越来越多的项目由中国承包商执行 年,阿联酋决定将价值亿美元的核电站建设合同授予韩国,这是促进与韩国关系的一个决定性因素,因此,另一家亚洲经济强劲的韩国工业集团斗山重工(Doosan Heavy)表示,该公司一半的发电机组收入来自中东地区的项目;斗山重工(Doosan Heavy)正在积极推动和支持亚洲-中东贸易走廊——埃文斯表示,你只需看看南南贸易的增长他补充道,阿联酋和迪拜非常有能力捕捉这些流动。


The silk road is the most famous trade route in ancient Chinese civilization. It originated in the Han Dynasty B.C., and it was the trade channel connecting Chang'an (now Xi'an) in ancient China. The court of Han Dynasty sent Zhang Qian to the western regions in order to form an alliance and prevent the Huns from raiding the border of the dynasty.

He came up with the idea of expanding the silk trade, including these smaller tribal tribes, thus forming alliances with the nomadic peoples of Central Asia. Because of this idea, the Silk Road developed with the rise of the Roman Empire, because the Chinese initially gave silk as a gift to the Asian government in Rome. The route crosses China, Central Asia, northern India, and the Yellow River Basin of Parthia and Roman Empire to the Mediterranean Sea, passing through Chinese cities such as Gansu and Xinjiang, as well as present-day Iran, Iraq and Syria.




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