英语演讲稿的格式范文_Speech 3篇

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英语演讲稿的格式范文_Speech 3篇



Humans, like all other creatures, have apparently changed their environment, but their changes are generally more dramatic than those of other species. Some of these changes, such as the destruction of the world's rainforests, the provision of pasture for livestock, or the drying up of almost three-quarters of the Aral Sea, were once the world's fourth largest freshwater lake for irrigation, leading to changes in climate patterns, which in turn changed flora and fauna Species distribution, scientists are trying to understand the long-term impact of human activities on ecosystems, while environmentalists are dedicated to experts in various fields. Citizens of the United States and other countries are trying to reduce the impact of human activities on population growth in the natural world.

Human population growth may be regarded as the root cause of almost all world environmental problems, with more and more people each year Joining the world, with the increase of population, more pollution will be produced, more habitats will be destroyed, and more natural resources will be consumed. Even if new technological progress can halve the environmental impact on everyone, once the world population is doubled, the earth will not be better than before.




Today, I'm very happy to share with you my views on success. What is success? It's something everyone yearns for. Sometimes success is very simple.

Winning a competition is success. Getting a high score in an exam is success. Making new friends is success.

Even now I'm here to give a speech. However, in terms of a person's life, success becomes very complicated It's wealth, success is fame, success is the success of high social status. No, I don't think so.

I believe that success is the realization of people's hopes and ideals. In modern society, there are many people who are considered successful. Their most obvious characteristics are money, high status and luxurious life.

So most people believe in success, and all they do is for this purpose. But the question is, is it Really successful, we all know that money is always more, higher status and better conditions are placed in front of us. If we continue to pursue, what will ultimately meet our purpose? Therefore, we can see that to achieve real success, we must have something inside, that is, to realize people's hopes and ideals.

Different people have different views on success, because people have different hopes and ideas. On the other hand, I believe that every success is precious for everyone, because it is not easy to obtain, because in the process of pursuing success, our body and soul are seduced, and at the same time, we are inspired by the most precious human qualities: love and patience Courage and responsibility, these are the best wealth, so I am very proud to have this opportunity to stand here and speak to you. This is my success, because I challenge my hope.

Everyone has his own explanation, but I believe that every success will bring a brighter future. So ladies and gentlemen, believe in our hope, Believe in ourselves, we, each of us, can make you live a successful life.




We all know that to live a low-carbon life, our environment is getting worse and worse, and low-carbon life is more and more popular. Low carbon life is of great use to us. It helps to save energy and reduce pollution.

It can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide, the main cause of the greenhouse effect, and help to reduce the greenhouse effect and keep the environment beautiful and clean. Therefore, we should first live a low carbon life. When we go out, we should take a bus or bike instead of driving a car.

Cars not only emit carbon dioxide, but also waste energy. We'd better not use plastic bags that will bring white pollution. We should use environmental protection bags.

Planting trees is of great use. Trees can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Finally, we should start with small things.

Therefore, as students, we should turn off the lights when we leave, turn off the tap in time, reuse our textbooks, etc.




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