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关于”有机食物“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Organic food。以下是关于有机食物的雅思英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Organic food

(no chance to regret) not long ago, when life was simple, and most importantly friends and entertainment, two sisters lived as gracefully as possible. Their names are Carly and Mary Jane. Everyone likes them, but something is wrong.

Carly and Mary Jane are both cheerleaders. They love passion. But one day, something unexpected happened.

The sisters who were always best friends were not so close. Mary Jane began to quarrel with her mother. There were some small things, such as one day, she lost control, quarreled and yelled that MJ and her mother were going to the cheerleading practice, which was very bad, her mother The most hurtful thing for her was "Mary Jane, I can't believe you became that person, I want you to leave my house and my life.".

These words hurt her so fast that she jumped out of the car and jumped off a dam. Her mother stopped on a dime and prayed that she was OK. The car behind saw the whole thing, and then it happened.

As a priest, he got out of the car and ran down the mountain. He found MJ's mother lying there, holding her daughter helplessly, shouting to wake her up“ I love you, honey, wake up God, please wake her up. I love her and don't take her away from me.

I need her God, please The pastor came up and called, and he began to pray, "Dear God, be careful, this young woman has brought her back. We need her here. We don't want her to take her away." well, the ambulance is coming, and so is the helicopter.

They know there's a serious mistake. MJ's mother Gabriel calls Carlie from the hospital, and she rushes to Carlie, and she can't even recognize her dear Sister, she was pale, bruised, wrinkled, and her eyes began to get wet, and then she asked, "will she get better?" The doctor replied, "Carly, your sister is receiving life support. She's in a coma.

The odds are not good." Poor Carly got down on her knees and begged her sister to wake up. "MJ, I need you, you want you here, you need to come with me, the bride maid at the wedding, give me a baby shower when I'm looking forward to it, MJ will not leave soon, please don't go, I love you." At this time, Mary Jane said her last words, and soon spread to all people, friends, family, even the unknown Mary Jane will always be remembered and loved, but you never know when to leave, so try to be the best you can do, don't do something in the hottest time, you may not have the chance to regret.






Researchers at Stanford University say eating organic food doesn't make you healthier. Although organic food can reduce your exposure to pesticides, they have studied far more than the content and related health benefits of organic and non organic foods, but there is no significant difference in nutritional composition between organic and non organic foods. Although organic foods are unlikely to contain pesticides, critics He said the study was inconclusive and called for more research.

The study, published in the journal Annals of internal medicine, studies the comparison of people who eat organic food with those who don't eat organic food, as well as studies on the levels of nutrients and bacteria. None of the human studies on fungi or pesticides in various foods, including fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, milk and eggs, has lasted more than two years, so it cannot be concluded The conclusion of long-term results, and all available evidence is relatively weak and highly uncertain, the authors say, which is not surprising because all these different variables, such as weather and soil types, including fruits and vegetables, contain similar amounts of vitamins, and milk contains the same amount of protein and fat, although some studies have shown that organic milk contains more organic Omega It does contain more nitrogen, but the researchers say this may be due to different fertilizer use and maturity at harvest, making it unlikely to provide any healthy Omega.




Organic chemistry is a branch of chemistry that studies the structure, properties and reactions of organic compounds and organic materials, that is, the study of the structure of carbon atoms in various forms of substances includes the determination of chemical composition and composition of organic compounds by spectroscopic and other physical and chemical methods, while the study of material properties includes both physical and chemical properties, and the application of Similar methods and methods the method of evaluating chemical reactivity aims to understand the behavior of pure organic matter (including, if possible, the behavior of organic matter in solution, mixture and artifact). The study of organic reactions includes the preparation of them by synthesis or other methods, as well as theoretical (Electronic) studies in the laboratory and through Wikipedia.



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