读英语句子的软件_Sentence reading software 3篇

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读英语句子的软件_Sentence reading software 3篇

关于”读句子的软件“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:Sentence reading software。以下是关于读句子的软件的四级英语模板,每篇作文均为满分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Sentence reading software

Within a few hours after I receive the money, I will send you the wholesale work. The general procedure is not to recover the money paid, if you think the work is OK, you should pay the other half of the remuneration and me: I 'if you accept, if you can', you can ask me to revise it three times. If you are still not satisfied, we just stop working, you will not first draw you a monochrome draft, by the way, I should note that the whole process needs to be completed A few days to a month's time, then I don't accept the full color draft, we stop working, but the details you don't need to pay can be discussed later, you should pay me half.

When I finish the full color work, I will send you a smaller sample. You have three more requests for modification and any questions. Your best wishes are welcome.




The Sunday school organized you to participate in a social survey and write a survey report, such as: the population situation of qutai Village: the cultivated land is small, nearly half of the people go out to work, many people are at home for the elderly, children, or sick. The positive side of the disabled is that the music living standard has been improved, which has many problems than before: Children's education, elderly care, family and property safety.




When I'm disappointed, everything my mother says will be OK. If you stick to it, good things will happen one day. You'll realize that if it wasn't for the disappointment before, mom was right.

I found out after I graduated from college in, that I decided to find a job in radio and work hard as a sports announcer. I hitchhiked to Chicago, knocked at the door of every station and was turned down every time. In one study, a good lady told me that big TV stations can't take the risk of hiring an inexperienced person.

She said, go to the bar and find a small radio station and give you a chance. I hitchhiked back to Dixon, Illinois. Although my father said that Montgomery Ward opened a shop and wanted a local athlete to run its sports department.

Because Dixon was where I played football in high school, I applied for the job. This job sounds like a good fit for me. But I wasn't hired.

My disappointment must have shown. It all happened for the best mother, and medad provided me with a car to find a job. I tried WOC in davenpotova.

Host Peter MacArthur told me they had hired an announcer. When I left his office, my depression was boiling. I asked aloud, how could a guy become a sports announcer if he couldn't find a job on the radio? I heard MacArthur calling while I was waiting for the elevator.

What did you say to sports? Do you know football? Then he asked me to stand in front of the microphone and let me play an imaginary game. I prepared for a minute. Peter told me that I would broadcast Saturday's game on my way home, because I think of my mother many times.

If you bring good things one day, things won't happen. If it's not because of disappointment, I often think about what if I didn't get Mengo My work in Marley ward, where my life may go..








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