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关于”我的理想生活“的英语作文模板3篇,作文题目:My ideal life。以下是关于我的理想生活的初一英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:My ideal life

Life is simple, should be satisfactory, should not have too many difficulties, should not exceed the limit of my ideal life, we must first have a place to live, not a big mouse, not necessarily a garden house, but must have sunny windows, if the sun is only square meters every day, but it belongs to my free space, I live in the house after it burned out happy I can wear clean and warm, lazy, can put a pile of blankets in the middle of a pile of clothes in the middle of the Eighth National People's Congress to sleep in a place, at night leisurely drink a glass of red wine, can stand by the window to listen to music and friends. My ideal life, have a job, not necessarily high salary class, white-collar workers' income is not just enough to live a normal life, I want to introduce in detail Here's the income development plan: eating, going to bars, shopping, phone bills, kindness to my parents, occasionally getting a fashionable ideal life that I don't need. Too much food to keep a slim figure does not need too many varieties.

This will make me become picky. I like to eat fish, fruit and vegetables, eat six beautiful all, and then go out for a walk, browse and the people between the street view My ideal life, also has a close love, he does not need to be handsome, rich, but he has a wide range of knowledge and a wonderful sense of humor, the important thing is that I have a tacit understanding and resonance, in a kind of interlinked eyes to read each other, he should be generous and open-minded, honest and kind, frank, not stingy, not paranoid, we care about each other, in order to encourage each other to open their eyes every day When we come to each other, when we face any difficulties with a smile in my sleep, we can first think of each other as my ideal life, and friends are indispensable. In any pain, the motivation that I can survive is that my friends often don't meet.

In this case, we can chat or chat in the bar from time to time, instead of going to the countryside together with each other And even travel abroad.




My dream of high school life is an important part of my life. This is the third part of my school life. I hope I can study independently, think independently and live independently.

For example, the teacher will give us some open tasks. I will discuss some problems and solve problems. Then we will share knowledge.

We will walk in the ocean of knowledge. We will breathe natural science and humanities Our parents will give us some free time. We are the masters of a family.

If they do something, they should respect our opinions. We should have some friends. They will live together and study hand in hand.

In short, my dream is to grow up and have a strong will. I love life. Everyone will always pay attention to my life.




In my opinion, college life is to enjoy yourself and realize your dream. The university curriculum is flexible, which gives students more free time. Some students spend it in the library and read books.

Their learning ambition is so high that they sit down as soon as the library door opens. However, many people prefer to do other things to relax, such as playing guzheng, an ancient Chinese zither Old Chinese musical instruments with the growth of our students' age, we can start to make our own decisions. With this right, our responsibility comes.

Most of us work part-time as tutors to earn some pocket money. A few capable students will get enough money to be self-sufficient through teaching. We realize the challenge of making a living.

Our friends are satisfied with the workload, although he is We admit that teaching will also make students confident as they progress, but mentors will also be happy with other exciting things happening in the University. Love story is an indispensable part of campus life. Although it may bring happiness and pain, many people still can't help looking for the truth.

Personally, I'm a super fan of Korean actors. BYJ is a Korean movie star. Chinese girls once fell in love with him last winter.

Even BYJ's scarf became a trend. I learned four kinds of girdling Of course, I also imitated his hairstyle, but to be honest, it's very difficult for me to get my hair in a proper shape. But for a college student, the most important thing should be to learn when I was a freshman.

One of our tutors told us to make good use of the best teachers in college, and make sure that when you graduate, there is a big difference between you and you Those who haven't been to school, he said, have impressed me with this suggestion and always learn from me. Campus life is very simple. It is to find your own priorities, become a member of a team, and work hard to achieve interesting and creative goals.



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