mypet的英语作文_mypet 4篇

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mypet的英语作文_mypet 4篇



Mary is my good friend. She not only studies well but also lives a healthy life. She goes to bed early and gets up early and never stays up late, so she is never late for school.

She eats all kinds of vegetables and fruits every day and walks to school. She exercises three to four times a week, so she has a strong body. She usually reads books, sometimes books, and searches the Internet for her healthy life,.





(my pet) I like my pet very much. You know why, because it doesn't have any trouble, it's an important reason I call it lulu. I think Lulu is a good name.

It's always quiet. In fact, it's a goldfish. My pet looks like an egg.

It's interesting. It doesn't need a bed or a basket. It just needs some water.

It never barks or meows. It just bubbles, bubbles, when it is When hungry, it swims fast. Do you want it? I never put my goldfish in the sun.

It doesn't like swimming in the sun. It eats very little food, so I don't need to feed it too much. It likes to eat peas.

I think when I put some peas into the water, it is always happier than usual swimming. When I am not happy or angry, when the goldfish is my best friend, it looks at me with wide eyes, and then I feel very happy that I will take it Take care of him till the end. Oh, I'm going to feed him now.





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