关于春天的英语小作文_Small in spring 4篇

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关于春天的英语小作文_Small in spring 4篇

关于”春天的小“的英语作文模板4篇,作文题目:Small in spring。以下是关于春天的小的五年级英语模板,每篇作文均为高分模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Small in spring

Spring has come, every corner of the earth is full of the breath of spring, everywhere is spring, beautiful reed trees draw out the thin willow silk, decorated with clean light yellow tender leaf grass, bring the fragrance of the soil drill, clusters, clusters, as well as green flowers also stretch out themselves, yawn, found the small head of the children are off the heavy winter Clothes, easy exchange from home birds, bright spring clothes, singing interesting songs, tell us: spring is coming, spring comes naively, in the pond, in the field, in the sky, everywhere is full of vitality of natural scenery has become rich and colorful, spring scenery is too beautiful, spring people's mood is more beautiful rickets, the whole winter's wallboard pull Straight, happy smile, full of hope, the park life, photography young people, fishing for the elderly, insect catching children, one by one infatuated with the embrace of nature, forget to return my deep love for spring, I like to smell the flowers, see the green trees, hear Xiao Wu singing happily, deeply love spring, because spring is full of vitality, full of vitality New hope.




In some years, spring is not always the same. April leaps by, and Virginia's hills are filled with all the stages, the chorus of tulips, the vines of forsythia, the splendor of plum blossoms. In other years, the trees grow leaves overnight.

The toes of spring stop and are conquered by shyness, just like my grandson peeping at the door, avoiding sight, in the corridor Giggle, I know you're there. I cry in. April quietly inserts the tender green buds of Cornus officinalis into our arms.

The perfect cup is inlaid with yellow brown stripes. Dozens of clustered seeds examine the flower buds in awe: where were those seeds a month ago? The apple shows the ivory rags to the bonnet, all the rosy sleeping things wake up - primrose, little Iris, blue oleander - the warmth of the earth - you can smell it, feel it, in your hand, the crumbling April, if you like, look at the anemone, or the pea fields, or the stubborn weeds, with its shoulders on the streets of the city OK, this is what it used to be. Now it is and will be.

The world has no end. In the tranquility of spring reappearance, who can fear the distant autumn.




Today, look at the blue sky, listen to the grass growing under your feet, breathe the breath of spring, let the fruits of the earth flow on your tongue, reach out to embrace your loved ones, and ask the soul to awaken your awareness of the sanctity of your senses. No matter how hard the frost is, how deep the snow is, there is no season for the triumph of nature Waiting as warmly as spring, there is no season that greets me as warmly as spring. To my surprise, this season brings us rich flowers: the subtleties of wild primroses and violets, colorful crocuses in the park, tall soldier tulips and proud trumpets, Narcissus and narcissistic pictures are like this: the air and the earth are in the air The warm spring gusts permeate each other, the soil is full of sunshine, the sun is full of red dust, the air is filled with the smell of soil, the grass under the feet reflects the blue sky, spring is the only spring, is an eternal surprise.



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