抗疫的英语作文_Anti epidemic 2篇

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抗疫的英语作文_Anti epidemic 2篇

关于”抗疫“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Anti epidemic。以下是关于抗疫的专八英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Anti epidemic

Perhaps, the premier is a lifelong nightmare for all Chinese people. I learned from the news media that the earthquake stricken area has become a huge chaos, and countless people have been buried under the ruins. My classmates cried when they told the story.

The mood at that time was very difficult to control. All we needed was love. This is what I learned that Wenchuan survivors needed me I know that for the first time, I broke my pigsty and mailed it to the Red Cross Charity center.

I know it's too few. I hope other people can do the same thing through this. People in the disaster area can have the confidence to overcome the nightmare and light up on those sad faces who have not experienced too many tragedies in my life.

Maybe I don't I am the one who can feel the feelings of those people in the Wenchuan earthquake, because my parents are by my side, but I can deeply understand those who have lost their parents, children, brothers and sisters, because I really want to go to Wenchuan, even for half a day. I want to hold their hands, try to help me dance, sing, or tell the jokes I told them. Let's smile, the world will Smile with us.

Disaster is not so terrible, keep clear headed, we will get through the difficulties, but now I am a full-time student, I have to study every day, I am sorry that I did not divide myself into two parts, I just hope that the summer vacation will come soon, and then thousands of me can fly to our brothers and sisters, no matter when and where they will not lose hope, because they have us behind We will always be together.




Now, let me talk about my life during the epidemic. I usually get up at seven in the morning, take a shower, and I start to eat breakfast. Our online courses are from to: in the morning, I think I like online courses very much, because I can still listen to online courses after lunch until I understand.

I want to take a break in the afternoon, start online classes on time, listen carefully and finish my homework in the evening I will chat with my classmates online and play games in groups. This is my life during the period of popularity.




The Spring Festival is the biggest traditional festival of the Chinese nation. However, a new epidemic of coronavirus pneumonia has suddenly affected every one of us in this "epidemic prevention" campaign. The whole country has shown a great sense of responsibility.

From the Party Central Committee to the grass-roots organizations, from the front-line angels in white to the silent supporters behind, we all work together to overcome the difficulties Son, go through the cold and long winter with us, let us have a "warm spring".



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