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关于”中国美国礼仪的差异“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Differences in Chinese and American etiquette。以下是关于中国美国礼仪的差异的六年级英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Differences in Chinese and American etiquette

Cultural differences in personal life styles between China and the United States a culture of self-expression Chinese culture of self-restraint explicit expression of happiness and sadness vague expression yes / no vague expression is / incorrect personality weak personality priority self-interest priority and harmony other sources: norihiko Shimizu's paper "today's Taboos may disappear tomorrow", Beijing business daily, February 5, differences between Chinese and American business culture. American Business Chinese business game concept: business is a game that pursues profit under the rules of law and contract. Mutual trust oriented business: business is based on the relationship between people based on trust, rather than efficiency oriented and approximate precise rules Clarity, rapidity, high precision and perfectionism are highly dependent on human consciousness, easy to lay off and fire employees, sense of job security in sales enterprises, low interdependence between employers and employees, high interdependence between employers and employees, dependence on machinery and technology, light dependence on human resources, and heavy dependence on human resources.

This comparison answers my question about efficiency and diversity Many questions about sex, why do business across two continents in such different ways.


中美个人生活方式的文化差异美国的一种自我表达的文化中国人的自我克制的文化清晰的表达快乐和悲伤的含糊不清的表达是/否含糊不清的表达是/不正确的个性软弱的个性优先的私利优先与和谐其他来源:清水正彦(Norihiko Shimizu)的论文《今天的禁忌可能明天就消失了》,北京商报,二月五日中美商业文化差异美国商业中国商业游戏概念:商业是在法律和合同规则下追求利润的游戏互信导向的商业:商业是基于信任的人与人之间的关系,而不是游戏效率导向和近似精确的规则简单、清晰、迅速高度精确化和完美主义高度依赖人类意识容易裁员、解雇员工,销售企业工作安全感雇主和雇员之间的低相互依赖性雇主和雇员之间的高度相互依赖性是对机械和技术的依赖,对人力资源的轻度依赖严重依赖于人力资源这一比较回答了我关于效率与多样性的许多问题,为什么跨越两大洲做生意的方式是如此的不同。


Table tips there are two common ways to start a small event. It's common to wait until everyone at the table has received a meal and the hostess has started eating. Sometimes, the hostess may urge the guests to eat immediately after receiving the food, especially in large-scale events, waiting for everyone to make the food cold and waiting for one or two of the other guests to be ready, so you are not the only one to eat.

The correct posture on the table is very important. Sit up straight, keep your arms close to you, and don't lean against the back of the chair, Don't bend forward, put your elbows on the table to eat soup, remove the spoon from your body until the spoon is two-thirds full, and then sip the liquid from the side of the spoon finger bowl during formal activities. Whether before or after a meal, there is usually a piece of lemon floating in the water.

What you need to know is that you should carefully immerse your fingertips in the water and dry them with a napkin, Then place the bowl on one side of the plate to serve food. Note that when you're the host of a party, urging someone to offer another help "can be seen as an unpleasant hint that the guest has eaten too much" please pass me the salt. ".

The proper response to this request is to pick up the salt and pepper and put them on a table within the reach of the person next to you, who will do the same, and so on. Before they reach the person who asks them to remove the inedible from their mouth, the general rule of removing food from the mouth is that the food should flow out in the same way.




The Chinese and American culture centers on "relationship" and "Seclusion". Everyone focuses on "individual" and "savior" and pays attention to their own affairs (especially when dealing with "strangers" and people outside the network): the source of trust of "let's save the world". The people around you will not lose face and reputation because they don't fulfill their promises.

They will reach an agreement in written or oral form, and the contract will not The business culture and conservative and clumsy communicators, outspoken and eloquent effective communicators, negotiation style, group decision-making are finally made by the "boss" with more personal authority and distributed decision-making. Business opponents treat things directly and politely, and have long-term memory guidance on likes and dislikes and humiliation. More important facts memory conflicts are handled by business Instead of targeting, make immediate response ability weak, strong and weak value difference interpersonal relationship priority economics first of all humble humble humble humble humble is the expression of weakness, and it is reasonable for each generation to be responsible for the time range of pride) what is worthy of respect is to respect seniority, wisdom and ability, respect success, achievement and wealth of "family".

Children should learn to respect their elders, love young people and rely on "everyone" It is unfair for children to learn to be independent. It is unfair for "strong" and "weak" to bully. It is a kind of honor competition to win business.

It is natural for the weak to be plundered by strong discipline (in the following procedures and schedules). The strong depend on the individual's tolerance for diversity / openness to other (possibly antagonistic) ideas, which are very easy to accept publicly, but in practice, the less open priorities mix together: business, individuals, factions, nationalism, and Politics: almost the bus inesshttp://wwwventurescom/businessguide/crosscuttings/ccdexchinaushtml.




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