关于旅游的作文英语_Travel 4篇

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关于旅游的作文英语_Travel 4篇



Of course, September is the world tourism day. Now it is advocated that people often go to travel. With the improvement of people's living standards, the number and frequency of tourism are also increasing.

Why do I think the first reason is the advantages of tourism. Tourism can make people relax in today's competitive society. If everyone travels in this situation for a long time, he will leave all his worries behind After a period of time, people will have a good rest, and then fight again.

Travel can broaden people's horizons. People can learn more from what they see and hear. This is good for them.

Last but not least, travel can expand people's social circle, because they can make new friends on the way to travel. Tourism has many advantages. No wonder there is a world World tourism day to encourage everyone to travel.




Travel is a good way to broaden your horizons. It enables you to meet different cultures, people with different skin colors, and experience various rituals and rituals. Travel can not only enrich your knowledge and experience, but also be aware of the vastness of nature.

I am a young and ignorant child. Today, I have grown up to be a sensible and intelligent student. Once I ate lollipops in the ivory tower, my dream of appearance has grown up.

Today, I have become a mature young man. I used to do all kinds of things blindly, but today I will put these things into one I like to play computer games. On the same day, I played an interesting game.

It required me to input a player name, and the string I entered was "just charsso. I think if I write this string into my composition, now I'm writing it, I don't have to write too many words Because this is only in line with the requirements of your family etiquette. Parents should go home in time after work.

In addition to the necessary social activities, the mother should prepare meals for the family when he is at home. Otherwise, the responsibility falls on the father and father. He should spend enough time tutoring his children.

The mother should have her own entertainment activities, and the father should do housework, including sweeping the floor, Clean windows, doors and furniture, at least once a week. Children should go home in time after school. In addition to some necessary activities, children organized by the school must abide by the rules.

Children must finish their homework on time and go to bed no later than night. All family members must abide by the above provisions. Any violation of the regulations will be punished accordingly.

The specific punishment shall be borne by the family members, and the specific punishment shall be decided by other members through consultation.




With the improvement of living standards, more and more people travel every year. This is a good way to enjoy life. Some people like group tours, while others prefer to travel by themselves.

I prefer the latter, because I think it is more convenient and free from restrictions than my previous travel first of all, I travel by myself. I can arrange my time and route more freely. For example, when I arrive at a place I like very much, I can choose to stay longer without thinking about others.

Second, in order to save time, the journey is relatively compact, and tourists can only stay in each scenic spot for a short time, so it is difficult to appreciate every scenery carefully 。 In addition, in order to earn kickbacks, some travel agencies force tourists to spend at the same time. I go to travel by myself, which is much cheaper and more fun. I travel to relax.

But many people say that package tour is for relaxation, not to let them really relax, but to be more tired. Generally speaking, I prefer to travel by myself, which is more convenient, more free and cheaper.


随着生活水平的提高,每年都有越来越多的人旅行,这是一种享受生活的好方式有些人喜欢旅行团,而有些人则宁愿自己旅行我更喜欢后者,因为我觉得这比我以前的旅行更方便,更无拘束在 首先,我自己旅行,我可以更随意地安排我的时间和路线例如,当我到了一个我非常喜欢的地方,我可以选择停留更长的时间,不必为别人着想第二,为了节省时间,行程相对紧凑加入包团旅游,而且游客只能在每个景点停留很短的时间,很难仔细欣赏每一处风景。此外,为了赚取回扣,一些旅行社强迫游客同时消费,我自己去旅行便宜得多,得到更多的乐趣,旅行是为了放松,但很多人说包价旅游是为了放松不是为了让他们真正放松,而是更累了。总的来说,我更喜欢自己旅行,这样更方便、更自由、更便宜。

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