关于太空旅行的英语作文_space travel 5篇

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关于太空旅行的英语作文_space travel 5篇

关于”太空旅行“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:space travel。以下是关于太空旅行的八级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:space travel

Yang Liwei was sent into space by China's Shenzhou-5 spacecraft on the morning of October. The Shenzhou-5 spacecraft orbited the earth when it landed safely the next morning, making China the third country to successfully send a man into space after the former Soviet Union and the United States. Yang Liwei returned to earth after an hour of space travel.

What he saw showed the Chinese flag and the United Nations flag to the people watching TV at home. All Chinese were proud of our first astronaut Yang Liwei.




The company plans to use ion thrusters, a high-tech propulsion system in which propellants are ejected through an electric field. Such engines are highly efficient and can be powered from the station's solar panels, but they generate thrust The force is very small, which means that the mission of the Shenjian almaz will take at least six months, while the chemical powered spacecraft of the space exploration team will only take six days. In fact, the low-energy orbit planned by Shenjian almaz will make its crew farther away from the earth than anyone else.

This will be a long journey. One of the dangers is from the unpredictable and potentially fatal solar flares, stars The company plans to build an internal "storm shelter" to absorb radiation from the ship's water supply. Neither company will begin refitting its spacecraft, which is expected to take about three years until it sells all the seats on its first flight (two for space exploration, The third is to promote their mission to the moon to the same high-tech entrepreneurs and super rich pleasure seekers.

They have snapped up tourists from the international space station and long-term planned suborbital amusement facilities. However, they have cooperated with Virgin Galactic and other companies in space exploration Adventures has announced that it has sold a ticket, which makes Excalibur Almaz) makes the deal sweeter by offering the company's equity to the first paying passengers, but filling seats can prove tricky, not only for more than seven times the cost of flying, but also months of physical and psychological training for the ISS. Even if the project can be perfected, how many audacious billionaires are willing to spend months in metal tubes eating freeze-dried food This remains to be seen.


神剑阿尔马兹庞大的空间站将需要更多的工作来转换为月球飞船第一步将是安装发动机该公司计划使用离子推进器,一种高科技的推进系统,在这个系统中,推进剂通过电场喷射出来,这样的发动机效率极高,可以从空间站的太阳能电池板获得动力但它们产生的推力很小,这意味着神剑阿尔马兹的任务至少需要6个月,而太空探险队的化学动力飞船只需要6天事实上,由神剑阿尔马兹计划的低能轨道将使其机组人员比任何其他人离地球更远,这将是一个漫长的旅程危险的一个危险来自于不可预测的潜在致命的太阳耀斑,恒星能量的巨大释放会用辐射轰击飞船并炸死乘客以保护乘客,该公司计划建造一个内部“风暴避难所”,利用飞船的供水来吸收辐射 “ ”“两家公司都不会开始改装它的飞船,这一过程预计需要三年左右,直到它出售了其首航航班的所有座位(两个用于太空探险,三是为神剑阿尔马兹公司推销他们的登月任务给同样的高科技企业家和超级富有的寻欢作乐者,他们抢购了国际空间站的游客和长期计划的亚轨道游乐设施,不过,与维珍银河公司(Virgin Galactic)等公司合作的“太空探险”(Space Adventures)已经宣称出售了一张机票,这使得神剑阿尔马兹(Excalibur Almaz)通过向第一批付费乘客提供该公司的股权,从而使交易更加甜蜜,但填补座位可能会被证明是棘手的,不仅要价是飞行成本的7倍多国际空间站还需要数月的身体和心理训练,即使工程可以完善,有多少胆大包天的亿万富翁愿意在金属管里关几个月吃冻干食品,这一点仍有待观察。


The science and technology ԡ technology technology ԡ moon tourism ԡ ԡ ԡ ԡ lunarmissions, which could cost individuals to fly to earth's nearest celestial neighbor, Excalibur, a space company based on Isle of man in the Irish sea Almaz has become the second company after space exploration. An American space tourism company provides tickets for commercial lunar landing. The price of the two companies is 10000 US dollars per seat.

The price includes several months of ground training, and there is no service to fly to the moon's surface. The Americans win the first space race, while the Russians are the hot spot for the rematch It's the magic sword. Almaz and space exploration company are using Russian rocket and spaceship space exploration program to redesign the old Soyuz spacecraft, which has sent seven space tourists to the international space station (the International Space Station Excalibur) Almaz plans to refit the two almaz space stations originally designed for the Soviet armed forces.

As we all know, up to now, the enterprise has long existed in propaganda, but its performance is quite short-lived. Moreover, both companies are facing huge engineering challenges. To put it mildly, a simpler task may fall on space exploration companies.

Their "alliance capsule" has been expanded to One form or another, because they need stronger communication systems, bigger portholes (after all, everyone wants a window seat) and a better reentry thermal shield. A separate booster rocket will be necessary to take the spacecraft out of orbit.


科技 月球旅游 月球旅游 送我到公司正在计划与之竞争的登月任务,这些任务可能会让个人付费飞往地球最近的天体邻居——位于爱尔兰海的英国属地马恩岛(Isle of Man)的太空公司Excalibur Almaz成为继太空探险之后的第二家公司,一家美国太空旅游公司为商业登月提供门票,两家公司的票价是每座万美元,这个价格包括数月的地面训练,也没有提供登月飞行到月球表面的服务,而美国人赢得了第一次太空竞赛,俄罗斯人则是重赛的热门,这两个公司都是神剑阿尔马兹和太空探险公司正在使用俄罗斯的火箭和宇宙飞船太空探险计划重新设计老牌的联盟号飞船,它曾将七名太空游客送上国际空间站(国际空间站Excalibur Almaz打算改装两个最初为苏联武装部队设计的阿尔马兹空间站众所周知,目前为止,企业在宣传上长期存在,但在业绩上却相当短暂,而且两家公司都面临着巨大的工程挑战,说得委婉一点,更简单的任务可能落在了太空探险公司身上,他们的“联盟胶囊”已经以某种形式或另一种形式飞行,因为他们需要更强大的通信系统,更大的舷窗(毕竟每个人都想要一个靠窗的座位)和一个更好的再入热防护罩一个单独的助推火箭将有必要使飞船脱离地球轨道。

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