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关于”中的一些谚语“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Some proverbs in。以下是关于中的一些谚语的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为满分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Some proverbs in

Friends exaggerate a person's virtue, enemy his crime. A friend in court is better than a penny in his purse. A friend is the second self friend.

It is best to find a friend in adversity until one needs a friend. A friend who loses a friend is a friend to all people. A friend without faults can never find a joke and never get an enemy.

But he often loses friends. Friends prefer to lose them A joke, do not want a friend to choose a writer, just as you choose a friend, people with money bags full never want friends, life without friends is death without witness. Your friends have friends, friends' friends have friends, so be careful.




Practice makes perfect is better than eloquence. Knowledge makes a man wise, not Richard falling into the abyss. Wisdom grows.

A friend in need is a friend. A good beginning is half success. All things are difficult.

People learn by asking questions that one cannot spin and rotate at the same time. An hour in the morning is worth two hours in the evening. A young slob, an old beggar and diligence bring you good luck.

Confidence is the way to success The first step on the road to success is to make everything easy and achieve nothing. Everyone is the creator of his own destiny. The fool's hurry is not speed, genius is just effort and diligence, hoping for the best, but who made up his mind to prevent trouble.




A picture is worth a thousand words (a witness is better than ten hearsay, adventure, nothing (no bravery, no gain, life is full of ups and downs, crying is useless, milkenger is the best mixing wine, better than never helping people to help themselves, love me, love my dog, chicken hatched Don't count the chickens. It bites more than she can chew (eyes are bigger than belly). Everyone has a skeleton in their closet to teach fish.

The swimming pool is not built in a day. It's half finished. Every cloud has a ray of light.

Before you jump into the flock of feathered birds, a little knowledge is dangerous clothes, which makes the magic medicine taste bitter. The story repeats its own attack, while the iron is hot Like a mouse in a church, where there is smoke and fire, the journey begins with rolling stones, no moss, many hands and light industry. For example, a friend in need is a friend in need, a bad beginning, a bad ending, a young loafer, an old beggar, like a Roman, grows things that have never been sown in the garden.

Misfortune never comes, nor is it too old to learn, never Will be late, no one can call back yesterday no sweet no sweat quietly flowing deep pot called kettle black the water carrying the boat is the same, swallow it twice in front of you time is always trying to save time to prolong life troubles will not drip every day put on the hardest stone in Rome, do Rome here life, hope, despite the sunshine, don't put your The Cape stays at home and says, so there's no pain. We never know the value of water until the well is dry, and your axe won't delay your logging work. There's a will, there's a way.

The weather and life are unpredictable. There's nothing good or bad. You can't eat cake until you're a child, as the morning shows.



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