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关于”我们去旅游“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Let's travel。以下是关于我们去旅游的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Let's travel

In recent years, researchers have tried to use various statistical data and surveys to answer a question that has puzzled countless generations of philosophers: when there is some evidence that happiness may be related to some extent, what makes us truly happy? Compared with relatively rich people, we are generally in a situation where money can't buy happiness It's true that our material lives are much better than they were a few years ago, but we're not happy at all, says Chris Peterson. A psychology professor at Mitch Gant university is not surprised by happiness expert David miles. He believes that happiness is more closely related to people than to what we humans need to have in order to establish close, supportive, and intimate relationships with others People who are close to each other are more likely to say they are very happy, he said.

We listed seven factors that affect well-being and depression, many of which vary from city to city and region. Here's a chance to see how your city compares.




Last summer vacation, my family and I went to Qingdao by train. It was always sunny and the air was fresh. We went to the seaside.

The sea water was as blue as the sky. It was a great pleasure to bathe in the sunshine on the beach. I also picked up a lot of colorful shells with my little sister.

We bought a lot of interesting souvenirs there, and I'm going to give them to my friends. We ate a lot of things there, such as fish, shrimp and so on. They are delicious.

Then we stayed in a clean and tidy Hotel, and the price is not expensive. I like Qingdao very much. If I have the chance, I hope to come here again.

It is a beautiful and interesting place.





Brownie and spotty are neighbors' dogs. They play together every day, just like a pair of dogs you can find in any block. The two dogs love each other and often play together, so that one night, they cross the grass between their houses and cross a path.

Brownie's family notices that Brownie hasn't come home yet. They look for it He didn't succeed. Despite their efforts to find him, he disappeared the next week.

Oddly enough, spotty appeared alone in Brownie's house, barking and complaining. Generally speaking, Brownie's family was busy with their lives. They turned a blind eye to the neighbor's nervous little dog.

Finally, one morning, spotty refused to accept the "no" answer, brown Ted, the owner of Ni, was constantly harassed by the angry and stubborn dog. Spotty followed Ted and kept barking, and then ran back to a nearby open space, as if to say, "come with me, something urgent" ‰ annoyed ed ed and said furiously . Finally, Ted followed the crazy spotty across the open space.

Spotty stopped and ran back, shouting encouragingly. The dog led the man to a desolate place half a mile from the house. Ted found that his beloved Brownie was still alive.

One of his hind legs was crushed in a steel leg clip. Ted now hoped that he would take spotty's earlier appeal seriously. Then Ted noticed something quite remarkable.

Spotty did not just bring Brownie's owner to the house As his trapped friend circled around the injured dog, Ted found a series of dog food and table scraps that were later identified as the remains of each meal, and spotty was fed one meal that week. Spotty often visits brownie, hoping to save his friend's life by sacrificing his own comfort. Spotty obviously stays with Brownie to protect him from predators, and nestles beside him at night.

In order to keep warm at night, he caresses him with his nose to make him energetic sacrifice V predator n cuddle V kiss v Brownie's leg was treated by a veterinarian. He recovered for many years. The two families watched their faithful friends play and chase on the worn-out path between their homes.


布朗尼和斯波蒂是邻居家的狗,他们每天都会在一起玩耍,就像你在任何一个街区都能找到的一对狗一样,这两只狗彼此相爱,经常一起玩耍,以至于有一天晚上,他们在各自的房子之间穿过草地穿过一条小路,布朗尼的家人注意到布朗尼还没有回家,他们去寻找他,但没有成功。尽管他们努力寻找他,到了第二周,他还是失踪了,奇怪的是,斯波蒂独自出现在布朗尼的家里,汪汪叫着,抱怨着,总的来说是缠着布朗尼的人一家人忙着自己的生活,他们对邻居那只紧张的小狗视而不见,最后,一天早上,斯波蒂拒绝接受“不”的回答,布朗尼的主人泰德,被这只愤怒、固执的小狗不断骚扰,斯波蒂紧跟着泰德,不停地吠叫,然后朝附近的一块空地飞奔回来,好像在说“跟我来,有急事”‰烦扰着艾德狂怒地说 最后,泰德跟着疯狂的斯波蒂穿过空旷的空地,斯波蒂停下来跑回去,鼓舞人心地叫着。小狗领着那人到了离房子半英里远的一个荒凉的地方,泰德发现他心爱的布朗尼还活着,他的一条后腿被压在一个钢制的腿夹里吓坏了,泰德现在希望他能认真对待斯波蒂早先的呼吁,然后泰德注意到了一件相当了不起的事情,斯波蒂不仅仅是把布朗尼的主人带到他被困的朋友身边围着受伤的狗转了一圈,泰德发现了一系列狗食和餐桌上的残渣后来被确认为每顿饭的残渣,斯波蒂在那一周被喂了一顿。

斯波蒂经常去拜访布朗尼,一心想通过牺牲自己的舒适来保住朋友的性命,斯波蒂显然和布朗尼呆在一起,保护他不受掠食者的伤害,依偎在他身边晚上为了取暖,用鼻子轻抚他,让他精神振奋 牺牲v捕食者n依偎v亲吻v 布朗尼的腿接受了兽医的治疗,他康复了很多年,两个家庭看着忠实的朋友在他们家之间那条破旧的小路上嬉戏追逐,兽医n recover v嬉戏v。

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