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关于”足球的好处“的英语作文范文4篇,作文题目:The benefits of football。以下是关于足球的好处的六级英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The benefits of football

Fitness, do not want to say that you can make more friends, friends in the football field do not like your friends in other occasions, two people have a common hobby, not the kind of friends and interests of the purest friendship, suitable for regulating mood, I am not in a good mood, I go to the football field to play long ball vent or exercise the brain on the spot, to play a lot of time with the brain to play football, you can play football on the field It shows that men are more sexy and the games you can play can tell you how to play football, how to make all men like a man, and how to make the strongest team, such as a warrior, take part in an exciting football game, let so many girls focus on your program, etc.




What are the benefits of playing football for your health and body? Football can increase your leg strength and increase your attention span. This is a good fitness method. Answer football can increase the strength and endurance of all parts of your body.

It can increase your cardiovascular muscles, reduce your resting heart rate, and you will become stronger. You can balance by learning different techniques and increase your smelly feet According to my experience, football is a very casual sport, which must be suitable for the game. I always play forward.

It's not easy, but it's interesting. Football is a sport that keeps moving. Except for the ball out of bounds, it's a mental and physical game.

It's easy to kick the ball around. But if you start from a young age, you can help you focus, Even if you don't have a natural talent, you won't go anywhere. No matter how you practice, it's a good physical training, it helps to develop your leg muscles, and it also helps to strengthen your endurance through intense sprint and skill training.

If you really participate in football matches, the answer is that football is healthy for you, not just in training endurance at the same time playing football gives you cardiovascular exercise, strength and endurance you can build a team spirit and fun at the same time, it's the spirit and body you can play around, but it's your mind to do all the work, so through football you can build concentration, this It's really helpful if you start answering when you're young who thinks "mind and body" is not right. The opposite answer is not that your brain does all the work in football, you have to run all the time in football, your body does more than your brain does. Football helps build up respiratory endurance and when you're more active, your resting heart rate drops, so At least for a few weeks, you should tell the difference in your resting heart rate, that is, whoever it is, psychologically or physically, is totally wrong.

It's more like the physical and psychological answer I've played football before. You need to spend a lot of energy on the whole process. The spirit and body of football is real, if you don't have a spiritual part in football, You're going to be plain.




In order to keep healthy, our students must exercise every day. I found playing football is a good way. It is one of the most popular sports in the world.

We can run on the ground for a long time and we can prove our friendship with the players.



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