一份完整的英文商务信函_A complete business 5篇

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一份完整的英文商务信函_A complete business 5篇

关于”一份完整的商务“的英语作文模板5篇,作文题目:A complete business。以下是关于一份完整的商务的托福英语模板,每篇作文均为万能模板带翻译。

高分英语作文1:A complete business

Once a circle lacks a wedge, it wants to be a complete circle, so it looks around for the missing parts, but because it is incomplete, it can only roll very slowly. It appreciates the flowers along the way, it chats with the insects and enjoys the sunshine. It finds many different pieces, but none of them fit, so it throws them on the roadside and continues to search Look.

One day, the circle found a very suitable fragment. It's very happy now that it can be a whole, without any omissions. It began to roll, because it was a perfect circle, and it could roll so fast, so fast, that it didn't notice that when it realized how different the world was, it stopped, put what it found on the side of the road, and slowly rolled away.

I suggest that the lesson of this story is that, in a strange sense, when we lack something, we are more complete. The man who has everything is in some ways a poor man. He will never know what it is to yearn for hope and nourish his soul with a better dream.

A person is complete. He accepts his limitations and bravely gives up the impractical I'm dreaming, and I don't feel like I've failed.





Nowadays, many movies are adapted from books. Some people like to read the original works before watching movies, while others like to watch movies first and then read books. Which key sentence do you prefer: first of all, instead of watching TV first, read books with coherent systems and sufficient details, so that we can have a deeper understanding of the contents of the books, which can be fully stimulated by reading the descriptions in the books Our imagination, audio-visual information can arouse people's interest and leave a deeper impression on them.

Key words of books: make people in the world of knowledge, contented, comprehensive and accurate, detailed and reliable, meticulous, let it go, deepen people's understanding, arouse resonance, and make people difficult to understand.




Today, when we turn on the TV, there are commercial advertisements everywhere. We will see advertisements advocating our pursuit of perfection. When we are walking on the street, there are beautiful star pictures in the shops, so most people realize that we are not perfect.

We should buy some products to make us look as perfect as I am. When I see a beautiful girl, she uses thick ones Strength make-up, I do not appreciate her beauty, and when I see a girl looks so natural, her face has some spots, I think she is beautiful, no one is perfect, incomplete beauty is the real beauty.



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