3分钟的英语演讲稿大概多少字_How many words is a three minute speech 2篇

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3分钟的英语演讲稿大概多少字_How many words is a three minute speech 2篇

关于”3分钟的演讲稿大概多少字“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:How many words is a three minute speech。以下是关于3分钟的演讲稿大概多少字的小学英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:How many words is a three minute speech

Courage John Kennedys the courage of life is less noticeable than the courage of the last moment, but it is also a perfect combination of victory and tragedy. A man has to do what he has to do - regardless of his personal consequences, despite obstacles, dangers and pressures - which are the basis of all human morality - courage does not require special qualifications, no magic formula, no need The special combination of time, place and environment - it will provide us with an opportunity sooner or later, and all politics only provides a stage for special exertion. On any stage of life, no matter what kind of sacrifice a person will face in the face of courage, in the pursuit of his conscience - losing friends, losing wealth, losing satisfaction, even the respect of compatriots - - everyone has to decide for himself the path he will follow - the courage stories of the past can define this element - they can teach, they can provide hope, they can provide inspiration, but they can't provide courage for that - everyone has to look at their own soul John Fitzgerald Kennedy - f John F Kennedy JFK Jack Kennedy...


勇气约翰·肯尼德思生命的勇气比最后时刻的勇气更不引人注目,但它同样是胜利和悲剧的完美结合,一个人要做他必须做的事——不管个人后果如何,尽管有障碍、危险和压力——这是所有人类道德的基础——勇敢不需要特殊的资格,不需要神奇的公式,不需要时间、地点和环境的特殊组合——它迟早会给我们提供一个机会,所有政治只是提供一个施展特殊的舞台在任何人生的舞台上,无论一个人面对勇气的挑战,无论他追随自己的良心会面临什么样的牺牲——失去朋友、失去财富、失去满足感,即使是同胞们的尊重——每个人都必须自己决定他将遵循的道路——过去的勇气故事可以定义这一要素——他们可以教导,他们可以提供希望,他们可以提供灵感,但他们不能为此提供勇气——每个人都必须审视自己的灵魂约翰·菲茨杰拉德·肯尼迪-FJohn F KennedyJFK杰克·肯尼迪。 。


We live in a world where resources are shared. Everyone has rights. Everyone can fight for the ocean.

The earth is inexhaustible. Let us share with the world. We are a member of the world and have the obligation to protect him.

She is our mother. Life. A good mother.

Let us protect her. Let us share with the world.




In the life style of happy growth, everyone can find their own sense of happiness, and regard themselves as the enrichment and improvement of students. The happiness of campus is due to the social arrangement, so that the scope of students' activities has been reduced. No one will argue that because a person's student era is beautiful and full of hope, I am leaving childhood and youth and entering a small adult Life has just begun, but I sincerely appreciate growing up, he brought me happiness, he let me gradually mature, but he gave me the way will cause a lot of oasis and ocean memories, primary school I was a naive romantic, lovely girl, the results used to stay at home, school is not natural, and very aggressive, but my nature, not by how long to adapt to old problems When I started school, I didn't doubt anything.

For example, why did I teach them and I didn't teach them? Why did the "bell" ring in my class? Why did the school let the teacher do something? These questions always revolved around in my mind. I couldn't get rid of my courage to ask the teacher for a long time. As a reward, I was cynical Trust, the return is a "silly child, you really ask for both sides." I feel uneasy, my father came back, I have no hope, and may be criticized, I will be rejected and his ideas told the unrelenting father, let me surprised to answer my question, it is also a "natural law", I was very happy that my father solved the problem that day Looking at these questions, how many "criticisms" and "silly children" comments have brought to me, but I really feel that this is not a case in which happiness is also the cause of pride.

I was introduced in primary school. The happiness in middle school is not reduced, but increased, such as friendship tug River competition, oral English class, student chat, etc., which makes us have a heavy learning task I find that in the school garden, I feel relaxed, especially happy. I don't know why in any case, there is a kind of motivation to work hard for me.

Just like the birds in the world flying in their own flight, the growth is happy. Although there are some misfortunes, they are getting better every time. We are willing to have such a happy, healthy and strong growth Be a free and useful person in the future.



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