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关于”文化对国家的影响“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:The influence of culture on the country。以下是关于文化对国家的影响的雅思英语范文,每篇作文均为真题范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:The influence of culture on the country

TV has a great impact on the culture of many societies. Do you think TV has a positive or negative impact on the cultural development of your society? Answer: it has been 40 years since television was first introduced into Australian families. Now people still have different opinions on whether the impact of television on society is positive or negative.

Many people think that television destroys culture. It promotes stronger culture in countries such as Britain and North America, and weakens the culture of less affluent countries. This is because the stronger the television, the richer countries can It's enough to maintain their culture by producing more programs that are widely broadcast around the world, and these programs then affect people in the countries that broadcast them, especially young people, because the television network needs to attract a large audience to ensure their economic survival, they have to produce programs that are of great interest to the people of Australia, which is very wide-ranging, because Because we are a multicultural society, people of all ages like to watch TV to attract all these different people.

Most TV programs are short, full of motion and stimulation, which can be understood without too much intelligence and knowledge, and follow the common theme of all cultures. TV programs such as love and crime focus on or develop with a specific topic Culture related themes are not so successful because they attract fewer audiences. However, we very much recognize that television does have some positive effects on the culture of a society and on those who do not live in their own culture.

Culture can be accessed in limited ways through multicultural television on television, for example, Aboriginal children raised in white families or immigrant and international students living in Australia, and finally on television Watching shows from their own culture, my view is that television promotes and strengthens rich and influential cultures, while it weakens cultures that are already disadvantaged.




In the 21st century, globalization not only has a great impact on the economic field, but also on the cultural field. It means that one aspect of the continuous dominant position of western culture is that traditional culture is being ignored and the treasure of our ancestors is gradually disappearing. How to maintain it is an urgent task.

Cultural contact and conflict are very important in cultural development Another common and inevitable key factor is how we do it. Another concern of many countries is the spread of indigenous cultural property around the world. There are concerns that in the past, when indigenous peoples were unable to control their collections, often with the consent of the indigenous peoples of the Pacific, they were removed from their territory, and trade and import of these cultural relics was becoming more and more important for Pacific countries Important because they now have their own museums and cultural centres to record, display and promote their culture, the Cook Islands delegation reported that more traditional artifacts are preserved in the Cook Islands' overseas museums than in the cook islands themselves.

The National Museum of the Cook Islands is trying to repatriate artifacts from foreign museums, but unfortunately there are few legal avenues for the return of these cultural property, and in most cases the return depends on the goodwill of the international museums concerned.




Communication is an important means to express yourself, because it has different ways of expression. Therefore, according to the culture you belong to, different ways of communication are different from those of other countries. It is important to understand some values of other cultures and other ways of communication.

First of all, avoid some misunderstandings, and then better understand some aspects of different cultures. That is why cross-cultural communication Flow is an essential exercise, because people from one country do not necessarily have the same ideas about time, death, identity and so on with another person from a different country. First of all, one should have his own identity.

The identity of a country is not affected by surname, first name, citizenship and "personal" identity, that is, your activities, your views on problems or your life experience From time to time, your own identity may be changed or influenced by different factors, such as religion, your environment, and your family. The latter example seems to be a paradox, because you can have your own views on certain things, but you may be "influenced" by your family environment or the society you live in (especially when you are a child, parents and even society) This kind of influence can replace your previous view of life, change the way you express yourself, thus changing your way of communication, but you can also adapt the influence to your own way of thinking, which can lead to a different way of communication, although the influence comes from an intimate relationship in the week It is an interesting discovery that everyone can develop their identity through their own opinions and experiences. Even in a close group, everyone will be different.



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