演讲比赛的英文_speech contest 3篇

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演讲比赛的英文_speech contest 3篇

关于”演讲比赛“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:speech contest。以下是关于演讲比赛的八年级英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:speech contest

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. I'm honored to have the opportunity to stand in front of you and say a few words, because we all know that today's topic is about saving, but the word "saving" itself has a very broad meaning, which may mean that someone is saving for Christmas or for a new year, or for buying a new car, or for getting married And saving money, but what we call "saving" today is not the above-mentioned, but a more profound significance. This is not only the participation of an individual, it is a movement that many or most people need to participate in.

The result of this movement or action will have a huge impact on other people and even the entire population, that is: with the rapid development of our world, saving is the key Energy, in order to protect our energy needs, our environment has been greatly damaged in the process of finding new resources. Now is the time for us to stop and think about the future of our world for our young generation. We have to try not to waste our resources, and we have to learn to conserve energy that we can actually start with very small things, such as turning off the TV when no one is watching and turning off the lights when no one is in the room.

Drive less, take trains and buses to save fuel, just like water and natural gas. We also need to use them wisely. If many of us are doing the same thing, then when we don't use that much electricity, we save a lot of energy and resources.

If we produce less electricity, we don't need to produce that much fuel, which means that we don't need to use that much fuel with less fuel, and ultimately we don't have to drill for oil everywhere, Our environment will not be polluted, and wildlife will also be protected. Please think about environmental protection, energy conservation, resource conservation, and make our tomorrow a better place for everyone. Thank you for your listening.





I am very proud to stand here and win the prize from this speech contest. I really learned a lot. I understand the true meaning of the proverb "get without work", because I have paid a lot for the competition.

I want to thank my parents for giving my children, my teachers for the opportunities they gave me, and for the support of my friends. Thank you all.




No matter how mean your life is, face it, live it, don't run away from it, don't call it a bad name, it's not as bad as you are now. When you are the richest, the picky will find faults in heaven and love your life. Even though it is poor, you may have some pleasant, exciting, glorious times.

Even in the slums, the sun reflects from the windows of the alms house as brightly as from the windows of the rich. In the early spring, the snow melts in front of the door. I can't see it, but a quiet person may live there as contentedly and happily as in a palace.

In my opinion, the poor people in the town tend to live the most independent lives. In any case, they are great and can be accepted without hesitation. Most people think that they are above the support of the town, but they often feed themselves dishonestly, which should be more disgraceful.

Cultivate poverty like the herbs in the garden, like saints, do not worry about getting new things, whether clothes or friends, get old and come back to them. Things don't change. Let's change clothes and keep your mind.





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