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关于”介绍食物店里的食物“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Introduce the food in the food store。以下是关于介绍食物店里的食物的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Introduce the food in the food store

"Crying" doughnuts in Waterloo. Fried dough pits are all on the streets of Wuhan in the morning, just as common people in Shanghai can see fried rice cakes and fried rice cakes in thick soup. However, the most famous family is the fruiting plasma under the pit surface of Lao Xie Xiangli from Waterloo, so it is fat and deep like a golden round bread, and the chopped green onions are evenly placed It's very nice to eat in your mouth.

It's crispy, crispy and soft. It's just because you've breathed it. If you bite it off, it's red and hot from the inside to the outside.

It's a little salty. Let's cool it down. There are three layers of the so-called Dou PI.

The first layer is mung bean powder, flour and fresh eggs. The second layer is rice. The third layer is fresh and salty grain The first layer is a golden brown cigar with oil.

When you look out, you can see a lot of eggs. The glossy, crystal clear glutinous rice diced meat and mushrooms are more attractive than greasy. It tastes crisp, soft and fresh, and everything feels complete.

Sometimes, we don't know how many foreign pizzas are good.




Korean cuisine, as a kind of national food, after centuries of social and political changes, its roots can be traced back to ancient myths and legends, originated from the ancient agricultural and nomadic traditions in the south of Manchuria and the north of Korean Peninsula. Korean cuisine evolved through the complex interaction of natural environment and different cultural trends. Different provinces have different dishes and dishes.

There are many important regional dishes that have become national and regional dishes. However, many once regional dishes have proliferated in different forms throughout the country. Today, Korean royal court cuisine once brought together all the unique local dishes for the royal family and ordinary Korean citizens.

However, it is restricted by a kind of etiquette culture, which mainly uses rice Based on rice, noodles, tofu and vegetables, traditional Korean food features side dishes (plate dishes) and steamed short grain rice kimchi. Each meal has a fermented spicy vegetable. Korean food is usually rich in sesame oil, soy sauce, salt, garlic, ginger and other seasonings, red pepper sauce.





Most of us like potatoes because they are delicious. Scientists tell us that potatoes that are good for our health are native to the Andes and the coastal mountains of Chile. The local Indians are their staple food.

The potatoes that were brought to Europe by Spanish sailors in the year of were taken to England and Ireland. Phare Munch, a pharmacist, entered a long period of French differences The flowers of national sentiment and rare herbs are used as decoration, and even the flowers of the queen of France are worn on the head as decoration, while France regards it as a symbol of fashion and nobility.



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