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关于”模特的求职信“的英语作文范文5篇,作文题目:Model's cover letter。以下是关于模特的求职信的专业英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Model's cover letter

Dear manager, I am very excited to learn that there is a vacancy for sales staff in your company. For this reason, I have thought for a long time. Please let me tell me why I am so excited.

It is so famous. Almost everyone knows that in your company, the product quality is very good and the sales service is very satisfactory. This makes me believe that your company is a perfect stage for me.

Of course, it is The requirements of this position are very high, but I think that in the past four years, I have been competent enough for this position. I study hard, have a good understanding of professional knowledge, and I have good practice opportunities. I have participated in several activities and participated in an international organization.

Therefore, I have developed very good practical skills. I have obtained CET6 certification and selected sales courses For these courses, it will be very helpful for your company. I sincerely look forward to your reply, Li Ming.




/Note: for this section, you can write a letter applying for a position in the company in a few minutes. You should write at least a few words according to the Chinese outline given below: Dear Sir or Madam, I am a senior student in the business administration department of Peking University. I am writing this letter to apply for admission to your organization / your company's recently recruited staff.

I am sure that I am qualified first of all. I enclose my resume, which further details my previous education and work experience. Second, I My qualifications and experience not only make me a perfect candidate, but also my cheerful personality is very suitable for studying / working as an employee in your university.

Finally, my hobbies include sports and music. When I tried, I couldn't understand Li Ming. I sincerely thank you for your timely and good attention to my inquiry.




David C Jordan pintail cliffs home page: woodtown, joint office: October, Ms. Katherine P. Walters, senior vice president of administration, cord & Decker, Inc.Summerdale Court Wolfgang Industrial Center Ridgewood, NJ dear Ms.

Walters: as a senior executive of cor & Decker, Inc., you may need a talented purchasing manager who can almost certainly contribute to the bottom line of the company. As a senior purchasing agent of a consumer goods company with hundreds of millions of dollars, I enjoy the reputation of "tough but fair negotiator". Who is my employer Significant cost saving contributions have been made, including: annual savings of US $million in packaging supplies procurement within the consolidated companies; savings of $8 million per year in inventory costs through long-term procurement contracts through the conversion of oil into biofuels; and successful five-year unpacking contracts with major suppliers through the installation of computerized raw material tracking and forecasting systems At the same time, it saves millions of dollars every year.

Education certificates include a bachelor's degree in packaging from Michigan State University and a master's degree in finance from Penn State University. I have procurement experience in a large international company and have been actively working in the professional field. My salary requirement is within the range of $K.

if you think that my background is in line with my current business management tasks at cor & Decker, Inc., I would welcome it If you have the opportunity to meet you, please contact me at my home this evening. Thank you very much for your concern, David C. Jordan.


DAVID C JORDAN Pintail cliffs主页:woodlawn,联合办公地点:10月Katherine P Walters女士,行政部高级副总裁Cord&Decker,Inc.Summerdale Court Wolfgang Industrial Center Ridgewood,NJ亲爱的沃尔特斯女士:作为Cord&Decker,Inc.的高级行政管理人员,也许你需要一位才华横溢的采购经理,他几乎可以肯定地为公司的底线做出贡献,一位财富上亿美元的消费品公司的高级采购代理,我享有“强硬但公平的谈判者”的美誉,谁为我的雇主做出了重大的成本节约贡献,这些贡献包括:合并公司范围内的包装用品采购,每年节省万美元,通过将石油转化为生物燃料,通过长期采购合同每年节省800万美元的库存成本通过安装计算机化的原材料跟踪和预测系统,成功地与主要供应商签订了为期五年的拆箱合同,每年节省价值百万美元。教育证书包括密歇根州立大学包装学学士学位和宾州州立大学金融学工商管理硕士学位在一家大型国际公司有采购经验,并且一直在专业领域积极工作,我的薪酬要求在较低的k美元范围内,如果您认为我的背景符合我目前在Cord&Decker,Inc.的企业管理任务,我将欢迎有机会与您见面请晚上在我家联系我非常感谢您的关心,大卫·C·乔丹。

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