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关于”应聘信“的英语作文范文3篇,作文题目:Application letter。以下是关于应聘信的四级英语范文,每篇作文均为高分范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Application letter

: social host Dear Mr. or Ms. looking forward to your reply Li Jin Dear Mr.

or Ms. I am Li Jin, a student of Xinhua Middle School. I am writing to hope to have a valuable opportunity to be a host in your English community.

The following are my advantages first of all, I have a good knowledge of English, which is very helpful for my work. In addition, as an English host I have read a lot of books, so I know a lot about western culture. Moreover, I have been a host in some other programs, so I believe I can perform better.

I think this is a good opportunity to serve our society and develop my ability. I would appreciate it if you could give me a chance. Looking forward to your reply, Li Hua.


: 社会主持人 亲爱的先生或女士, 期待您的回音 李进 亲爱的先生或女士, 我是新华中学的学生李进,我写信是希望能有一个宝贵的机会在你们的英语社团中担任主持人以下是我的优势 首先,我有很好的英语知识,这对我的工作很有帮助另外,作为一名英语主持人,我读过很多书,所以我对西方文化有很多了解。而且,我在其他一些节目中担任过主持人,所以我相信我能表现得更好,我认为这是一个很好的机会来服务我们的社会,发展我的能力。如果你能给我一个机会,我将不胜感激。



Respect me, host: Hello, I am a fresh graduate from the Internet, the company needs to recruit XX, we apply for XX class xx XX's fresh graduates, studying the application of XX major, since I entered the school in X, XXX, I have studied professional courses with excellent results, inspired me to cherish every opportunity of experimental operation arranged by the school, and on the basis of constantly strengthening the requirements of their own skills, I am cheerful and lively, positive thinking makes my life rich and colorful, I actively participate in various community activities, recognize that I have gained a lot from my real investment, which has fully trained my oral communication ability, management ability and thinking ability of analyzing and solving problems. In addition, I also actively participate in various social activities, seize every opportunity to exercise myself, I am deeply gratified to work with excellent students, so that I benefit from the difficulties of challenging the reality in the competition, let my grandparents who grow up in frustration teach me diligence, responsibility, kindness and integrity. XX has cultivated my practical and enterprising style, and I love the business of your company We sincerely look forward to your leadership and try our best to learn and make progress for this glorious cause and in practice.

Through understanding and strict company management system, we will strive for more love and enthusiasm for my work with the goal of improving the operation efficiency of the enterprise. We sincerely hope that I can develop into a larger company. As a force, we sincerely look forward to meeting you You can inform me of the interview time in the following ways, and solemnly put forward a small request to me: whether you choose me or not, respect the leadership, I hope your company can accept my sincere thanks.


尊重我主持人:你好,我我来自互联网上的应届毕业生,公司需要招聘XX,我们应聘的是XX班XX XX的应届毕业生,学的是XX专业的应用,自XXXX年X月入校以来,我以优异的成绩学习专业课程,激励我珍惜学校安排的每一个实验操作的机会,在不断加强对自己技能要求的基础上,性格开朗活泼,积极向上的思想使我的生活丰富多彩,我积极参加各种社团活动,认真的投入换来了很多收获,充分锻炼了我的口语交际能力、管理能力和分析解决问题的思维能力。此外,我还积极参加各种社会活动,抓住每一次锻炼自己的机会我深感欣慰,与优秀的同学们共同努力,使我受益于在竞争中挑战现实的困难,让我在挫折中成长的爷爷奶奶教会我勤奋、责任、善良、正直XX培养了我实事求是、开拓进取的作风我热爱贵公司的业务,真诚期待您的领导,竭尽所能,为这一光荣的事业和在实践中,不断学习进步,通过了解,严格的公司管理制度,以提高企业经营效率为目标,为我的工作争取更多的爱心和热情,真诚地希望我能发展成为一个更大的公司作为一种力量,真诚地期待着与您的见面,您可以通过以下方式通知我面试的时间,并郑重地向我提出一个小小的要求:无论您是否选择我,尊重领导,希望贵单位企业能接受我诚挚的感谢。


For any organization that wants to survive in today's economy, employee planning, recruitment, selection, staffing and recruitment is often a very difficult, timely and expensive task. In order to make any organization successful, they must attract and employ the most talented employees. These employees are just an organization made up of employees.

In order to succeed, they must have a strict strategic process to recruit the right people for their organization. Organizations can use many strategies to recruit employees, including channel method, competitiveness, employment brand, procurement, diversity and technology is one of the most important recruitment strategies, because this method establishes a stable team of candidates, allows resumes and applications to enter, classifies the professional fields that may be needed in the future, and for the organization, it is necessary to It is very important to plan for the development needs. It should be noted that there is a competitor in every industry.

The organization must always pay attention to what recruitment strategies the competitors are doing. This strategy can be adopted by Barton fuller community hospital in the case of losing employees. It is best to have backup or recruited from the competition.




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