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关于”创新的方法“的英语作文范文2篇,作文题目:Innovative methods。以下是关于创新的方法的四级英语范文,每篇作文均为万能范文带翻译。

高分英语作文1:Innovative methods

To be honest, I don't know the reason why I can't do my homework for others I won't lie. I won't say, "I can become an astronaut, explore the mysterious space, and strive to strengthen the scientific strength of our country." I'm only more interested in getting the latest spaceship toys. I know that to be a scientist or an astronaut, I need to invest a lot of time and energy in learning various fields, including mathematics, physics and astrophysics I don't want to think I'm too bored as long as I have food and toys, but my iPad will soon save me.

Oh, I think I've met the word count requirement, so I'll quit now.




1 children's time at home 2 no matter how important we think school life is, 3 it is undeniable that children spend more time at home than in the classroom. Therefore, the great influence of parents can not be ignored. 6.

Teachers can ignore. 7. They can become a powerful alliance of school staff.

8. They can consciously or unconsciously hinder curriculum objectives. 9 managers have realized the need to let parents know In addition, with the permission of supervisors, teachers can also play an important role in introducing parents to informal refreshments and many interviews conducted during the year, as well as new methods of reporting students' progress, which can significantly help achieve harmony between school and family For example, if a father, in a friendly interview, trains John Day and night in the arithmetic process, the teacher can help the parent to sublimate his innate interest into a productive channel.

He may be persuaded to involve John in the discussion of family budget, the purchase of food, the use of a ruler at home, the setting of the clock, the calculation of travel mileage and many other aspects He has activities based on mathematics. If the father follows his advice, we have reason to think that he will soon realize that his son has made satisfactory progress in mathematics, and at the same time, he also enjoys the work. However, the meetings of teachers and parents are trivial records of children's wrong behaviors, complaining about laziness and bad working habits, and talking about home What we need is a more creative approach, that is, teachers, as professional consultants, implant ideas into the minds of parents in order to make the best use of the large amount of time children spend outside the classroom, and schools and families work together to develop the maximum development of young people's abilities.




Even if China is comparable to developed economies in additive manufacturing, and foreign companies bear the cost of long-distance transportation of raw materials and components and products, Shenzhen's assembly line, supply chain and scale economy will no longer be the exclusive technology of Silicon Valley. China will combine R & D with production and emphasize marketing, sales and value extraction, which will be China's competition in low labor cost Competitive advantages are being weakened. If financial liberalization succeeds in rebalancing the economy, China's artificially low cost of capital and borrowing will come to an end.

Reverse offshore outsourcing will follow, because additive manufacturing reduces all production costs. From capital, labor and other inputs to packaging and distribution companies hope that production will be close to design and customer quality control and protect knowledge Property rights and after-sales services such as consulting and maintenance (rather than China's advantages) will be more important ԡ reverse offshoring China's manufacturing strategy will have to account more wisely as a percentage of global R & D spending, and its strength in incremental process innovation will have to pay more attention to product innovation, management organization and the integration of new information, biological and material technologies The prominent position of Li registration conceals weaknesses in indicators such as citing patents. The number of Chinese scientists and engineers is large, but their work is often seen as a triumph of quantity over sometimes questionable quality; these shortcomings can be difficult to overcome, rooted in a tradition that rewards good managers rather than free thinking innovators, and makes it difficult for individuals to exchange Ideas - which also frustrate curiosity, critical spirit, and collaborative approach are the hallmarks of advanced manufacturing.


即使中国在增材制造方面与发达经济体相媲美,外国公司承担原材料和部件以及产品长途运输的成本,深圳的装配线、供应链和规模经济将不再是硅谷的专有技术,中国将研发与生产相结合,并强调市场营销、销售和价值提取,这将是中国在低劳动力成本方面的竞争优势正在被削弱,如果金融自由化成功实现经济再平衡,中国人为压低的资本成本和借贷成本也将终结反向离岸外包将接踵而至,因为添加剂制造降低了所有生产成本,从资本、劳动力和其他投入到包装和分销公司都希望生产贴近设计和客户质量控制,保护知识产权和咨询和维修等售后服务(而不是中国的优势)将更加重要ԡ逆向离岸外包 中国的制造战略将不得不更加明智地占全球研发支出的百分比,以及在渐进式工艺创新方面的实力,将不得不更多地关注产品创新、管理组织和新信息、生物和材料技术的融合中国在专利注册中的突出地位掩盖了诸如引用专利等指标的弱点中国科学家和工程师数量众多,但他们的工作往往被视为数量战胜了有时令人怀疑的质量;这些缺点可能很难克服,这些缺点植根于一种传统,即奖励优秀的管理者而不是自由思考的创新者,并使个人难以交换思想——这也挫伤了好奇心,批判精神和协作方法是先进制造的标志。

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